Can an adult woman really wear blue mascara in real life?

Image: Supplied.

When the words “blue mascara” come up, most immediately think back to the electric blue tube they owned in the ’80s or ’90s.

Paired with equally vibrant eyeshadow and liner, the look was bold, bright, and if we’re honest a little garish and clumpy. It was a look that most (particularly looking back at those photos) were happy to see the back of.

But now it’s back and promising to be better than ever.

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With the tacky and unflattering shades and formulas firmly left in the past, the modern mascaras are stylish, subtle and surprisingly versatile.

But could they really be versatile enough for grown adults to wear on a daily basis?

I decided to put it to the test – in an office setting.

The mascaras on trial. Image: supplied.

With a slightly overwhelming number of blue mascaras making their way onto makeup counters, I picked three across a mix of high and low brands to try out.

They were Australia MegaLash Macara in Electric Blue ($11.95), By Terry Growth Booster Mascara in #3 ($65) and Ciate Triple Shot Mascara ($32) in Midnight Blue.

1. Australis

Although the electric blue colour is really quite startling at first, it actually goes on softly and subtly, allowing you to build up the colour if you're after a bolder look.

Definitely the brightest of the bunch,  it instantly made my eyes look bluer and wider, which I loved. The actual formula is lengthening without the clumps but not too heavy.

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I was surprised at just how wearable this one was, and was colourful without looking inappropriate. I even paired it with a pink lip to make the colour pop that little bit more. (Post continues in and after gallery.)

I'll admit I was a nervous to wear the coloured mascara for fear of looking a little childish and very ridiculous, but the difference is really quite subtle, making it perfectly suitable even for the office.

So why should you swap?

As well as bringing out both blue and brown eyes, I felt like blue mascara also widened my eyes by making my whites look, erm, whiter. Which is great news for when you've had exactly zero sleep the night before and need to look at least half awake.

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The varying shades available mean that you can go for as subtle or bold as you like, with navy being the easiest way to jump on the trend without seeming too much for even the most professional setting.

If you are feeling bolder, don't feel restricted to a plain lip because your eyes are colourful - brighter pinks and reds highlight the colour, while orange-based shades really contrast with the darker, navy coloured mascaras.

50 Shades of Blue. From left - By Terry, Australia and Ciate. Image: supplied.

If you're still not convinced, try applying over your usual black mascara which will essentially dilute colour, or even just to the ends of your lashes for a hint without the whole shebang.

While black mascara is certainly more dramatic, the new blue shades are a great way to bring a little disco to your dayjob - tastefully, of course.

Do you wear blue mascara? What are your thoughts on coloured mascara?