ROADTEST: "I wore a trench coat every day for a week. Here’s how I styled it."

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I never considered myself a trench coat person until very recently.

Whilst I've always known they're timeless and chic (hello, classic Burberry trench), I just hadn't considered having one in my closet. 

Fast-forward to now, and I own two and wear them almost daily.

Watch: How I wore one midi skirt, five ways. Post continues after video.

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Last winter a colleague here at Mamamia introduced me to the famed Marks & Spencer trench coat. There are two reasons they sold me: first, the trench has thick, durable material that arms you up against the wind and cold, and second, it's water-repellent - rain just glides right off.

As it's become a piece I wear on high rotation and tell people about constantly, I thought I'd share how I wear it with you. 

Here are five ways I style the M&S Collection Double Breasted Trench Coat, $119, during my work week.

Day 1: A midi dress and sneakers.

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If I'm feeling a little flat, I'll always wear colour or prints to brighten my mood. I started the week strong with my floral midi dress (also from Marks & Spencer), white Golden Goose sneakers and the trench thrown over my shoulders. As the dress is quite busy, I kept the accessories minimal and went for my trusty small gold hoops.

I love how this look is a no-brainer. There's no time wasted by choosing a top and pant combination; I just throw on the dress with the trench and walk out the door.

Day 2: Flared jeans and a basic top.

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On day two, I paired my favourite flared jeans from Seed (old, sorry!) with a cropped polo top and my chunky white Nike sneakers. After watching The Serpent, I couldn't stop thinking about '70s fashion so this was my way of channelling that.

To accessorise, I added my favourite oversized Ray-Bans. (I've also swapped out the polo top for a plain white t-shirt many times, and love that combo too.)

To make the outfit a little less heavy, I scrunched up the arms of the trench. As I'm five foot, it can swap me with some outfits, so this trick helps break it up by showing some skin. 

Day 3: A throw-on dress and boots.

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Everyone has that dress. The one dress that's easy to chuck on when you can't decide on an outfit. That dress for me is my black cotton Bassike shift from a few years back. It's got mid-length sleeves and comes just past my knees.

After I wrote an article a while back where a stylist dressed me in a midi skirt, five ways, she recommended belting a trench coat to accentuate the waist. I'd never thought of doing it before. 

Now, when I wear something a little boxy, like this dress, I'll belt the trench at the middle to give myself some shape. I added ankle boots and some oversized black sunnies. It's giving some serious Inspector Gadget vibes but I'm here for it.

Day 4: Tonal dressing with jeans.

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A little while ago, one of our writers wrote about their "uniform" - the outfit they gravitate towards because it's what makes them feel comfortable. For me during winter, that's a knitted jumper, straight leg jeans and white sneakers.

As the trench is beige, I paired it with my beige wool jumper from Uniqlo (I have it in about five colours - it's great), my favourite straight leg jeans from Agolde (probably my best investment to date) and my Nike sneakers.

Day 5: Activewear.

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By the end of the week, my wardrobe reverts back to my safe colour (black) and becomes all about comfort. I decided to go with my favourite PE Nation leggings that are slightly shiny (which I find makes them dressier?), my cashmere jumper, Nike sneakers (of course) and the trench.

I love this look. I find the best way to wear all black is to mix textures. By mixing the soft cashmere with the shiny leggings, plus the trench on top, it makes the outfit look pulled together without really trying. I've worn this countless times since.

Do you own a trench? How do you wear it? Let me know in the comments!

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