How to wear a crop top when you are over the age of 12.


I’m always excited about the spring fashion injections dropping in store. It’s a time when the rain and cool weather is coming to an end (c’mon Sydney), we’re embracing more colour and florals and we can retire the black opaques and long pants for another year.

Except this year, there’s one garment that’s making me feel inferior, old even. I spot it in store, handle the gorgeous sheer and textured fabrics then move past with a resigned feeling: I just can’t wear them anymore.

I never thought I’d be writing a post about how much I want to wear a crop top in my 30s, but fashion has a weird way of making you want things you’d never ever consider wearing or revisiting again.

I shamelessly wore a Hound Dog crop top and low slung Dangerfield flares at every social opportunity I had in my teens and 20s, which to be honest wasn’t many. Fast forward a decade and post-baby – can you still call it that if it’s been three years? – my stomach muscles are not even slightly toned. When I’m upright it’s not so obvious, but as soon as I sit down several rolls appear, even when there’s no jeans or tight pants digging in. Which makes wearing a crop top somewhat limited to only standing occasions. But you know what? I don’t care, I’ve decided I’m going to wear them anyway. Damn you fashion and your prescriptive body shapes.

Inez Garcia

I chatted to fashion stylist Inez Garcia of Inez Daily about how older women – or anyone over the age of 12 – can wear a crop top.

1. Get tricky.

Aim for crop tops that finish right on your natural waist (your slimmest point). This is a great trick that will actually make your waist appear smaller.

2. The perfect pairing.

This seasons high-waisted skirts, pants and jeans not only look great and are really flattering in a magically hip-slimming, leg-lengthening kind of way, but are also the perfect pairing with a crop top. Look out for tops that finish just past the top of your skirts and pants, so that as you move, just that tiniest sliver of skin is revealed.

3. Love the look but after a little more coverage?

Pop your crop top under a waistcoat or blazer for a sexy edge to your tailored separates.

4. Mix it up.

Pick a sleeveless, fitted crop-top and wear it over a white tee or a crisp, cotton shirt with the bottom buttons undone for a kind of modern-day, waist cinching corset-style top.

So, crop tops? Yes or no?