Exactly how to watch the Chernobyl TV series online in Australia.

After just three episodes, HBO’s five-part series, Chernobyl, has overtaken David Attenborough’s Planet Earth as the highest rated TV show in history.

In Australia, viewers can watch the series online for free on Foxtel by signing up for a 10-day free trial if you don’t have a subscription already.

The timing is such that you have ample opportunity to see all five episodes before your trial ends, and according to all the reviews of the show, it’s more than worth it.

Watch the trailer for Chernobyl below:

Video by MMC

The mini-series focuses on the events of the catastrophic 1986 nuclear power plant disaster in Pripyat, northern Ukraine, in which a sudden power surge destroyed the structure in seconds and released a cloud of radioactive dust that extended as far as the United States.

So far, the show has explored the accident itself, as well as the immediate aftermath which required local workers to expose themselves to harmful levels of radiation in order to prevent further tragedy.

On IMDBChernobyl is currently rated 9.7, with a number of online reviews from people who grew up in the Soviet Union writing, “they got it right”.

“Every little detail of the buildings, flats, uniforms, clothes, cars… almost everything is 99% identical to the real things of the time,” wrote one review.

“The series [manages] to depict the horrible events in a way never before seen,” read another. “I had to literally pause a couple of times to comprehend what had just been shown.

“Goose bumps and tears, what a masterpiece. Likvidatory – heroes, who contained Chernobyl – should never be forgotten. The tragedy will live forever because of this haunting masterpiece, what a brilliant creative achievement.”

Elsewhere, Chernobyl has been described as “thought provoking,” with the potential to stop you from sleeping. Even if you thought you knew the story about what happened on that day in April, 1986, this series makes you realise: you have no idea.


Here are some of the online reactions to the series so far:





The next episode of Chernobyl airs on Tuesday, May 28 on Foxtel.

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