"The hardest part is putting your feet on the floor." 12 morning people on how they get up early.

I'm desperate to become a morning person. 

As someone who works on a laptop all day and clocks off when it's dark outside, I'd love to get up early, see the sunrise and get a morning walk in before my workday begins. But three alarms and many snooze buttons later, I'm still in bed and that plan's out the window.

And I'm over it.

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With the hopes of becoming a morning person before summer begins, I asked the early risers in our Mamamia community to share how they do it and what tricks work for them. 

Here's what they shared:


"I've always been a morning person. Not necessarily an early riser but I much prefer the 'promise of a new day'. Currently, I get up at 5.30am because I have to. If I want to get to work on time and get things done that's just the time I have to get up. The hardest bit is putting your feet on the floor. After that, it's easy. Having a cat or dog that starts to hassle you at 5.30am helps. But for me, it's mind over matter. Just do it."


"A good night routine helps a good morning routine and a good morning routine makes it easier to just do, instead of think. Having something to look forward to when you get up - i.e. pets, your favourite cup of tea, music or journal. Then during your night routine, having your clothes ready, doing all the things to increase sleep quality, read or meditate before bed."


"My sunrise simulation alarm clock is the most amazing thing I've ever bought. Instead of waking up in the dark, shocked by the sound of my alarm, my body now wakes up naturally with the light going from deep red to a yellow glow and the sound of birds at the peak of the alarm. It was a game-changer for me!"



"A gym buddy! That's the only way I can get up and get the gym done."


"The morning is by far the BEST part of the day. I go to the gym or I got for a walk (Sydney lockdown) and it’s peaceful, the birds are waking and I feel like I have the streets to myself. When I get home, I’m ready to face the day. But I’m in bed really, really early."


"I leave my blinds open all night so I rise naturally with the sun and birds most of the year. In winter it’s a bit tougher."


"Get out of bed. That’s key and go to bed early. Either put your alarm outside the room or set something up that means that you need to get out of bed. Once you're out, it's easy. It's the getting out that’s tricky. I find it easier to start in summer when it’s warm and light."


"Marry a tradie! I'm up at 4.45am every day. Maybe sleep in till 5.30am on the weekend but not if the surf's up! It's very loud, there's no way I can sleep through it all. But he does bring me a cuppa in bed every morning."


"Huge vote for getting your morning things ready as part of your night before routine. If you want to get up early to exercise, have your clothes and shoes there or if you want to meditate or journal, have your things ready! It just means that your morning brain gets to function on autopilot until it’s fully woken up and by then, you’re already up/dressed/taking action!

"Give yourself some grace too! Spring isn’t too far away and by then the mornings will be lighter and warmer, so go for it then if it feels utterly impossible now."


"Remind yourself when the alarm goes off that 'it gets better as soon as you are out of bed' - that works for me. Just got to rip that doona off and get on with it!"


"I set one alarm... and the second alarm is an app called Loudest Alarm Clock in the World. This thing shrieks the loudest random noises you have ever heard."


"The morning is my favourite time of the day. So full of promise, I love it! I either go for a walk or go to the gym as soon as I wake up (tomorrow 5.30am). Doing exercise immediately is great, if I think too long about it (like on the weekends) I might start to delay it and then ditch the idea, but if I go straight away, it’s such a great start to the day. That and coffee, of course."

Are you a morning person? Tell me how you do it in the comments!

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