ATTENTION: Your mascara is living a double life you had no idea about.

I’ve seen a fair share of mascara hacks in my time as an eyelash-enthusiast.

There’s the to wiggle or not wiggle debate, wearing some blue mascara to make those blue eyes pop, heating up the eyelash curler (read: torture tool) with a blow dryer to hold the curl for longer trick, using that brown mascara that’s collected dust in the bottom of your makeup bag as a brow thickener and setter, or my personal favourite, restoring old, dried mascara by soaking it in a pot of hot water. I’m not going to lie, that one blew my mind.

But your mascara has been keeping a secret from you. Among its many talents of lengthening and volumising your lashes, and maybe even dabbling in thickening the look of your brows, your mascara has another life.

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UK-based beauty guru ‘Charmie Janee‘ posted a full shebang makeup tutorial on Instagram, but the glitter and false eyelashes weren’t enough to for her to be satisfied with her look.

“WHO’S TRIED DOING THIS? When you can’t find an eyeliner so you use your mascara. It actually did a pretty good job!” she captioned the post.

After reading that, I had to watch because… HOW?!


She grabbed her mascara wand and she grabbed an angled eyeshadow brush.

Then she did the… unimaginable.

Okay, that’s an over-exaggeration. She did the impressive.

She swabbed her mascara wand along the brush, then smudged the brush along her waterline, creating a perfect sultry, smokey bottom lash line.

Charmie Janee just blew my mind. (Image via Instagram.)

Meaning that, basically, your mascara is also a creamy formulated eyeliner.

Do with this information what you will.

What are your mascara hacks?