5 women dish on how much time they spend on their hair each week.

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We all have that one work colleague whose hair always looks on point.

Full of bounce, non-greasy, and frizz-free even when she has an 8am meeting the day after the office Christmas party.

While she could have a personal hair stylist waiting in the wings, ready to attend to her tresses at a moments notice, it’s more likely her weekly hair routine involves a little bit of organisation and a whole lot of dry shampoo.

Every busy woman has their own secret ritual to keeping their hair fresh and bouncy between long days in the office, sweaty sessions at the gym and Friday night drinks with the work crew.

So, in honour of sharing our dirty little hair secrets, we asked five women from Mamamia to dish on their weekly hair routines – and the handy Batiste dry shampoo tips that save them time.


jessica wang
Image: Supplied/Jessica Wang.

My hair care routine is super pared back with a focus on how quickly I can get from my bed to out the door while still looking presentable. I'm in the process of growing out my bob, so I generally tie it back, because I'm not about that #HotToolLife.

I'm lucky that I have pretty manageable, straight Asian hair, so it's just a quick brush, before I separate my hair into a middle(ish) parting, and up it goes in a low ponytail. Some days I'll also use a bit of the Batiste Dry Shampoo & Hydrate to freshen up my hair, it gets the job done without leaving me with any post-dry shampoo itch. It's nice and lightweight too, and has moisturising avocado so my hair feels soft and refreshed.


I estimate it takes me three minutes all up each day. In comparison, I probably spend half an hour on my morning skincare and makeup routine.


how to use dry shampoo
Image: Supplied.

I wash my hair every second day and it's timed to my exercise schedule.

Mondays I do a really sweaty hair-ruining cardio and weights session, so my hair needs a good thorough clean. Tuesdays, I do a less sweat-inducing workout so I don't wash it, I usually just dry shampoo and/or ponytail my hair on the Wednesday to hide any... grossness.

After no washing on the Thursday my post workout Friday shampoo usually involves a hair mask (if I am staying in that night). I like waking up on Saturday with soft clean hair which always makes me feel relaxed and fresh ahead of the weekend.

As militant as I am with my hair washing schedule, I'm the opposite when it comes to actually styling my hair for the day. I'm lucky to have pretty easy locks that don't need a lot to look presentable. I might add a de-frizz lotion or a little hairspray depending on what I'm feeling but that's about it. I only ever use a hair straighter or curler if I'm doing something fancy.

Lately I've started using Batiste Dry Shampoo & Damage Control, which is made specifically with strengthening keratin for over-processed bleached hair like mine. It takes literally a few seconds to use and my hair looks a lot livelier.

All in all, the most time I spend on my hair is on hair mask or fancy straightening nights - max an hour. In terms of getting ready for the day - max five minutes. I should also disclose I do sit in a hairdressing studio for about four hours every four months to get half a head of highlights popped in.



how to use dry shampoo
Image supplied.

Time spent each morning: <60 seconds. (Including washing <5 minutes)

I've never been very good at hair care or styling. My blow dryer and straightener are both pretty ancient and really only see daylight if there's a special occasion.

This means my normal routine is pretty quick and basic. I shampoo and condition three times a week, and then just towel dry and (hairdressers: look away now) go to bed with damp hair and hope for the best in the morning.

On a good day, I'll just comb through with my fingers and wear it out, maybe with blast of Batiste Dry Shampoo & Volume on the part if it's looking limp. This particular dry shampoo has plumping collagen, so when you spray it on your roots or backcombed hair you get a bouncy, textured look.

It's great if I want some extra oomph in my hair. Otherwise, I'll pop my hair in a bun or ponytail just for practicality.


emily vernem
Image: Supplied.

I wash my hair three times a week with anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner because it smells nice and dandruff is not a good look for black hair. I wrap my hair in a towel after my shower and let it air-dry for 20 minutes.

I then use extra penetrating argan oil shampoo and run it through the ends of my hair while it’s still damp. I wait for about 10 minutes before brushing my hair with a tangle teaser.

If it’s late, I then give my hair a quick blow dry so I don’t sleep on it while it’s still damp. Otherwise I prefer to let it air dry.

On days I don’t wash my hair I spray Batiste dry shampoo. I've just started using their new De-Frizz option for frizz or flyaways. The smoothing coconut formula makes my hair smell really nice, and it's super light so it doesn't have that powdery or sticky feel. It keeps my hair feeling fresh and frizz-free.



Image: Supplied.

I wash my hair every second day and use a lot of dry shampoo in between to keep it looking fresh.

I wish I could go longer between washes but I go to the gym each week day and it gets too icky otherwise.

At the gym I have to tie my hair quite tight with a scrunchie (I run and there's nothing worse than having to stop to re-tie it), but that means I get quite damaged, broken hair that sticks out from my head.

I use a de-frizz lotion or a bit of product during the weekend if I'm going out, but day-to-day I usually just leave it be.

I work early mornings and have approximately 20 seconds to spare, so I'm lucky that my hair is overall pretty low maintenance: I only apply heat very rarely, if I have a big event and want to straighten out any kinks, but otherwise all it needs is a quick brush.

I'm very grateful to have a brunette hair which means unlike my blonde friends, I don't need to sit in a hairdresser for hours on end every few weeks. In fact, don't think I've coloured my hair since my 14-year-old emo phase.

So, to conclude...

Most busy women really are at least 80 per cent dry shampoo by Friday night drinks. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Next time you're hurrying out the door after hitting the snooze button one too many times, grab the nearest bottle of Batiste and go do your thing.

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How much time do you spend on your hair each week?

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