How to go from pale to gold like Gwen Stefani

Typically, red carpets have no bearing on reality. Everyone has had their makeup done professionally, and it’s way too complicated to replicate.

Not this year’s Emmy Awards though. Sure, everyone still had their makeup done professionally, but it was all so simple and easy you could absolutely copy your favourite celebrity’s Game Face. Take Gwen Stefani, for example:

From pale to gold

Sure, it helps to wear a giant golden breastplate or necklace that can cast a a gentle glow over your typically pasty face, and a bit of spray tan never goes astray either; but you can mimic Gwen Stefani's bronzed look even if you're as white as she (usually) is.

The trick here is to avoid bronzers that have too much orange in them, and opt for ones that are more golden-toned. As a pale person, you can tell which bronzers will work because they will be literally the only bronzers in the makeup shop that don't make you look like you have dirt on your face. So just swipe a bit of bronzer on your upper jaw, look at it and ask "Does this look like I have dirt on my face?". When the answer is "No", go ahead and buy that product!

Next, take that bronzer, and draw the Chanel interlinked "C" logo onto your face with a huge bronzing brush. The gaps in the 'C' should be your upper cheekbones, and nose, the brush should go right down the sides of your nose and chin, right up into your hairline and around your jaw. Like so:

Then, daube an equally golden-toned highlighter on your upper cheekbones, nose and in the centre of your chin, and use a peachy gold blush on the apples of your cheeks.

If you really want to make like Gwen, you'll finish the whole look off with a pair of Drag Queen gauge false eyelashes, but feel free to sub those out for a simple slick of mascara.

And there you have it. A nice golden cast to your pale, pale face. You're welcome.


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