There's a wrong way (and a right way) to use paper towels.

We all know the drill: You use a public bathroom, wash your hands and are presented with two options: a hand dryer that will leave your hands moister than when they were under the running water, or some paper towel.

When we choose the paper towel, we tend to take a couple of sheets. For dryness potential.

“I have to take them all so my hands are properly dry!” we hear you cry.

Not so says paper towel genius, Joe Smith.

If you use it correctly, you only ever need ONE PIECE OF PAPER TOWEL.

Joe explains here his perfect hand-drying method:

Video via TEDx Talks

*Shake* *Fold*

There you have it.

No more wiping your hands on your pants or doing the wet handshake if you walk out of the bathroom into a meeting.

Thanks, Joe Smith.

Will you be using this trick when you dry your hands? Let us know in the comments.