Found: The app that helps you UNSEND an email.

We’ve all been there…

Have you ever fired off an email, only to have a nervous breakdown when you realise you sent it to the wrong person?

We’ve all been there. And while at best it can be a bit awkward, at worst, it COULD lose you your job (depending on how X rated your emails are. I don’t know your life).

But, as we all know, these days there are apps to help you to avoid the consequences of all your actions.

So some geniuses have created Criptext, an app that is available as an extension on Outlook and Gmail and lets you track your emails.

Basically, the app lets you know once the email has reached the target inbox, and when it has been opened. And the really genius part? If you realise you sent it to the wrong person, there’s a period of time when it can be recalled.

The un-send option sits right next to all your sent messages, so you can fix your potentially monumental stuff-up instantly. Phew.

As an added bonus, the app also lets you set “expiration dates” on emails (so they will automatically be deleted at a certain time) AND there’s a secure messaging service that will hide your name in case someone tries to take a screenshot as evidence to Bring You Down.

So yeah – this app saves your butt in pretty much every way possible.

And, because I’m feeling very generous – here’s an added email hack for you Gmail users. For all those times when you realise you’ve made a mistake just seconds after hitting ‘send,’ there’s an unsend button

To undo a sent email in Gmail, just go to settings, then click on the Labs tab. Then enable the ‘undo send’ option. Too easy.

Now excuse me while I get downloading…

Have you ever sent an email to the wrong person? What happened?

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