You can turn off the read receipt on your phone. This changes everything.

Everything you thought you knew about the world is about to change.

The “Read” receipt that pops up when someone has looked at your message is one of the most torturous aspects of the iPhone.

You would’ve received a text message from (insert important person here) and you know it is crucial that you take the time to think of a witty/poignant reply. But you also know that as soon as you click on said message, the sender will immediately be notified that you have read it.

It’s really, really hard, I know.

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But it’s OK. I am here to be your magical iPhone fairy, virtually (and figuratively) hacking into these intimate messages and solving your problems once and for all.

This is a simple, easy to follow guide of how to turn the read receipts on your phone off.

1. Go to your Settings, then click on “Messages”

2. Turn the “Send Read Receipts” icon off.

Yeah. You’re welcome.