So you're having a bad day. What are you going to do about it?

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Every now and then I catch myself in a PLOM moment—that’s Poor Little Old Me.

I sit, I pout, and I work myself up about whatever it is that’s raining on my parade at present.

It’s a highly effective way to stay down, I must admit, works every time. The more I focus on the problem, the sh*ttier I feel. Empty, sick, tired, sad, lonely, whatever lacking emotion-of-the-moment it happens to be, I can grow it, quickly, with nothing more than my own thoughts.

Got a parking ticket? Probably going to be late to my meeting now. Late to my meeting? Now I missed all the important details and I’m already behind. Now that I’m behind, I won’t finish my list today, and since I won’t finish my list, I’ll have to work late, and…

See where I’m going here? Do you also see, however, how I manifested that for myself? I asked for the rest of my day to go to sh*t, I expected it, and that’s exactly what I got.

My thoughts literally created my reality.

Here are 14 good habits that might get your day off to a better start. (Post continues after video.)

However, If A is true, then so is B. Meaning, if I can co-create a bad day, the same holds true for a good one. All it takes is a simple shift in attitude.

However number two: this can be easier to say than to do. Especially because when I’m in a dark place, cheerful people can annoy me, rainbows are stupid and unicorns are for people who don’t have real jobs with real hours and real obligations.

When I hit PLOM mode, I want solutions, fast. I don’t want to think, I don’t want a hug (get off of me), and I don’t want to hear about your bright sunshiney day, yet.

So, here’s what I’ve figured out, for those moments when I’ve temporarily lost my perspective and the ability to laugh at myself. A “more please” Toolkit, if you will.

1. Rant

Go for it. Let it out. Then zip it. It’s gone, done, over, and no longer has an invitation to be at your table. Dear problems, #youcan’tsitwithus any more.

Bridget Jones
Rant away. Then move on.

2. Get on social media

Pinterest or YouTube or whatever your favourite is, and search for humour. If you haven’t started laughing five scrolls down you might want to check yourself, like really, go make faces at yourself in the mirror. Figure out if you actually DO look hot angry. (If all else fails, watch these famous ugly cries. Post continues after gallery.)


3. Get upside down

It’s really hard to be pissed when doing a handstand. Actually, it’s really hard to do a handstand while pissed. Either way. Head, below heart. Turn your joy on.

4. Be your own DJ

Headphones are optional and eighties dance moves suggested. I have several playlists reserved for just this occasion on Spotify. One of them is called “Fix It,” another is called “Just Say Yes,” and one that accompanies step one is called, um, “Pissed the F#ck Off.” They have yet to fail to make me smile and change my energy.

5. Back to Pinterest

I have a secret board that serves as my Vision Board. There I post images of things I want to invite into my life and it takes just a few moments revisiting it to realise that a) I’ve already manifested some of those very things, and b) there is so very very very much for which to be grateful. 

My mood is usually lifting about now, so I’m ready to do these kinds of things:

  • Spend 60 seconds furiously writing a list of the things I’m grateful for in that moment. Eye rolls not permitted.
  • Spend another 60 seconds giving myself compliments and massaging my arm to support all that back patting.
  • Call or text someone thanking them for being a part of my life, for contributing to items on that list, or for accomplishing something great.
  • Take a movement break, outside. Fresh air, blood moving, connecting with other humans in real time and not behind a screen. All of these things offer me a chance to reconnect and CTFD.
  • Shake it off. Literally. Stretch it, move it, jiggle it, wiggle it and set a new intention to move forward with more joy, love, softness or peace from this point forward.
  • And, should all else still fail to work, try smiling. Even while crying. Even while cursing. Especially while working. (Post continues after gallery.)

Eventually your brain will catch on…if you give it permission to do so.


So let’s go, crankypants. Let’s level up that sh*tatude, step out of the fog and bring some sunshine to the party.


The day will pass anyway — how do you want to spend it?


What do you do to turn around a bad day?

This post originally appeared on Elephant Journal. You can view the original post here.

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