A private investigator has told us the biggest signs your partner is cheating on you.

There is truly nothing more painful than discovering there is ‘somebody else‘.

We are so curious about those closest to us that entire businesses are built on our desire to know the truth.

Private investigator Luke Athens sits at the helm of Heartbreakers, a company that has been revealing infidelity since 1996.

Of course, we believe it is always best to be upfront with your partner about any concerns, but Athens told Mamamia there are a few red flags you can look out for if you suspect there might be a secret lover.


The Telling Travel

“Travel often tells all. If you suspect that your partner is lying about where they have been an easy way to check is noting the kilometres of the car. This reveals if they are driving a different distance than they usually would, or if they’ve snuck out during the night or at a time they said they’d been home,” he said.

“Checking their Opal card (public transport card) statements also shows what suburbs they are travelling to and exactly where they hop on and off. Another great statement to check is their toll account.”

The Bin Trick

“Check their rubbish. Bins often hide a lot of clues about what someone has been doing and where. If there’s a receipt from a dinner for two at a nice restaurant, or an empty packet of condoms, these clues can give you a good indication of someone’s activities.”

The Story Behind The History

“Looking at the internet history on their computer also sheds light on what they don’t want you to see.”

Hot tip: cheaters can change names in their phone... maybe check all those messages to 'mum'. Source: iStock.

Mobile Monitoring 

"Monitor their mobile phone. There’s no doubt most people are attached at the hip to their mobile these days, however if someone never leaves it out of their sight (even when they go to the bathroom) there’s a good chance they are up to something," he said.

"If they put their phone on charge overnight, this is the best opportunity to take a peek into their call log, texts and images, including their deleted files. If you don’t have any luck finding anything on your own, or feel as though key information has been deleted, services like Heartbreakers are able to obtain files and correspondence even if it has been erased."

You Can Bank On It

"Keep an eye on your bank account statements. If you share a bank account, sift through the statements for any purchases that stand out, for example anything that was bought while they were interstate, while they were meant to be at work, or particularly early or late in the day for their schedule," he said.

"Cheating partners will often need to purchase condoms, men are likely to buy Viagra and women a bottle of wine so items like these should stand out if you pay particular attention."


A Shaky Schedule

"Changes in schedule. Most of us are creatures of habit, so if you notice your partner is all of a sudden staying back late at work every-night, or are scheduling social activities at all hours of the day; this is something to take note of."

The Solo Socialite

"If they don’t ever invite you to join them, or claim to be swamped at work yet still arrive home cheerful and looking fresh, the odds are there is more going on than they’re letting on."

Remember: clearly articulating your concerns with your partner will always be a better option than going behind their back.

Trust feeds off trust and searching for clues may only cause more pain.