A guide to the perfect baby bump photo shoot.

Follow these tips and you’ll get a baby bump photo album that you’ll love forever and ever.

“I want to see my bump, but I don’t want to look big.”

“Maybe I’ll wear floral, no wait, I’m going to wear pink because it’s a girl.”

“I think I’ll have the shoot at the beach, but what if it gets windy…”

If you’re currently pregnant and planning a photo shoot for your gorgeous baby bump, then I’m sure you’ve had one (if not all) of those thoughts run through your head.

Well not anymore, because we have all of the answers for all of your baby bump shoot questions. Follow these tips and you’ll get the most amazing shots ever. Promise.

1. Get the timing right.

It’s normally recommended to have a bump shoot done at around 28-32 weeks. That way you’re big enough, but not too big to the point where it’s uncomfortable. Holding your body in different positions can become difficult if you’re too close to the end of your pregnancy.

2. Lighting is everything.

It’s best to shoot in natural light, either early in the day or closer to sunset so that you can take advantage of the best lighting during the day. If you’re shooting inside, turn the flash off the camera or it will wash out the photo. Stand near a window or open door instead.

3. Find a good location.

The less clutter in your location the better as it won’t distract from your bump. Shots outside such as at the beach, or in a park can look incredibly tranquil. If you’d rather go inside use a solid coloured sheet as a backdrop.

4. Wear something comfortable but form fitting.

Wearing something bright like a block colour will really make your belly pop. It’s a good idea to stay away from prints as they can date quickly and you want to keep the photos forever. Comfort is important but you should also wear something form fitting enough where you can still see the shape of your bump. Something stretchy like a dress or long top usually works best.

5. Include your family.

Pregnancy shots don't need to just be of you. If you have children you can get them involved. Shots of kids kissing their mum's belly are just adorable. You can get your husband involved too. Combined shots encourage more movement and emotion.

6. Be creative.

If you know the gender of your baby, you can get creative by using a theme for your shoot. You may for example, want to wrap your belly in a pink bow, or use blocks that spell "girl".

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