7 ways to help you sweat a little less aggressively during a workout.

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Obviously sweat is a given when it comes to working out. There might be lots of it and you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that.

But if you, like me, find you have it pouring down your face in a gentle yoga class, it helps to know there are ways you can sweat a little less.

1. Deodorant.

It might sound like a no brainer – but hear me out. Switching deodorants can make a huge different to how much you sweat. So if you’re finding that the run of the mill deodorants aren’t really helping, you can get more specific formulations.

Dr Greg Goodman from The Dermatology Institute of Victoria explained to The Glow that there are chemical-targeting products that disrupt the nerve supply to the sweat gland, which you get via prescription from your doctor.

“The prescription preparations can be used on your face, where people sweat excessively in certain areas such as the forehead, nose and upper lip, and there are commercial preparations that are designed for facial use,” Dr Goodman explains.

2. Use foot dust.

There are also powders and sprays available that you can spray in your shoes to keep foot moisture and sweat to a minimum. They’ll absorb excess moisture and most can be found in the aisles of your local pharmacy. I can attest to the fact that they work a treat.

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3. Drink icey-cold water during your workout.

Drinking very cold water while you’re working out can actually help you to sweat less – science says so.

One study, from the University of Ottawa, found that people who did so sweated less than people who drank room temperature water.

The researchers explained that this happens because the thermoreceptors in your abdomen help to regulate how much you sweat and when the icy-cold water hits them, it tells your brain to stop sweating as much. (Post continues after gallery.)


 4. Choose your workout clothing wisely.

Your choice of clothing will also effect how much you sweat. The more breathable the fabric, the cooler the clothes will be and the less drenched you will be. Fabric like linen, cotton take away moisture are great choices to cool you down when you’re working out.

Look for breathable fabrics when choosing workout gear. (Image via iStock.)

5. Same goes for shoes.

Your feet are the sweatiest part of your body, so make sure you keep them well ventilated by investing in some "breathable" runners. They make all the difference.

6. Jump in a cold shower.

Taking a cold shower after working out will reduce your core body temperature which will in turn help you stop sweating. Faster.

If you find that you continue sweating long after your workout - jumping in the shower and turning the water as cold as you can handle is a great way to cool down. And cool down fast.

7. Avoid spicy food.

Another handy tip? Avoid spicy food before working out.

One study, by Arizona University, and published in the Journal of Pharmacology, details how capsaicin, which is the ingredient in chilli that makes it spicy, causes the body to sweat.

When you eat foods that contain capsaicin, it sends a message to your brain that you're experiencing heat-related pain. The brain in turn tries to cool your body down, causing you to sweat.

So avoid eating a hot meal before hitting the gym if you want to sweat less.

Be sure to see your doctor or dermatologist if you are finding that excessive sweating is a problem for you.

What are your tips for trying to stay as sweat free as possible at the gym?