A definitive list of 6 ways to layer your clothes this winter.

Thanks to our brand partner, Sportscraft

Like so many others, winter is my favourite season for the fashion. And after two years with little chance to get dressed up during it, I'm going all out this year.

I'm talkin' coats, knits and puffers, mixed and matched together to create stylish and warm ensembles. 

Born in 1914, Sportscraft is the original Australian lifestyle brand for wardrobe essentials you invest in. 

Sportscraft is one of Australia's leading fashion brands — their pieces are relevant, modern and on-trend — and they celebrate the best of Australia; the sport, land, spirt and relaxed lifestyle. 

They stock a variety of wardrobe staples — from your everyday basics to on-trend pieces — that are not only great for a winter wardrobe refresh but also make for a great gift idea for Mother's Day (hint, hint).

Below I've styled some of my favourite Sportscraft Winter 2022 pieces and included my favourite ways to layer them (because that's the best part about cold weather, the chance to wear lots of cool clothes). 

Here's my definitive list of six ways to layer your clothes this winter.

1. Go neutral.

During the pandemic, we all leaned into comfortable dressing — leggings, track pants and everyone's favourite: loungewear.

Although we're back to getting dressed up in Winter 2022 (hallelujah!), comfort is still front of mind. To elevate loungewear during winter (because who doesn't want to wear track pants all day long?), I have two layering tricks I often go for:

The first is adding a denim jacket.

Throwing on a denim jacket is such a simple way to dress up a tracksuit set and make it look more like an 'outfit', rather than something you've just been lounging around in at home. 

Image: Supplied.


To make it look polished, go for a denim jacket from the same colour family as your tracksuit set. For example, if your set is black, go for a black denim jacket. 

Here I've gone with the Andie Cream Sweat Top and Pants, the Siobhan Denim Jacket and sneakers. While blacks and navy are such winter staples, fashion brands are favouring light neutrals and colourful options this year because they're brighter and a little more fun for post-COVID restrictions. 

It definitely feels it!

2. Make loungewear chic.

If you want to make loungewear look extra fancy, layer it with an oversized coat. It elevates the look more than a denim jacket, making you look stylish and put together when really, you're just wearing trackies underneath.

Here I've worn the same Sportscraft tracksuit set with their epic Marina Check Coat.

Image: Supplied.

Imagine walking the dog in this... chic AF.

3. Always add a puffer.

Puffers are my one true love during wintertime because it's like wearing your doona outside.


There are so many ways to layer a puffer jacket as it's the final step in an outfit. My favourite way is to wear it with a warm, oversized knit underneath.

Image: Supplied.

Again, like the loungewear above, I'll always pick a jumper that is the same colour or has colours in it that will match my jacket. Here I've gone with the white Athena Puffer Jacket (light and bright!) and the Jacquard Knit Jumper with white in it. 

The colours and similar patterns work perfectly together.

Since there's a lot going on up top, I've chucked on the Lari Jeans, sneakers and sunnies with similar colours to the knit. Dad chic.

4. Throw on a blazer.

Good quality knits are such winter staples thanks to their warmth and versatility. You can easily dress one up with a blazer for work, or dress one down with a puffer (like above) for your day off. 

My go to work outfit year-round is a white t-shirt, black blazer and jeans. Simple and chic. 

There are three layering tricks I use to make the look more weather-appropriate during winter:

The first one is to wear a knit with it. I love to choose an 'investment' knit at the start of winter that I know I'll get heaps of wear out of during the cooler months ahead. It's usually worth every penny.

Image: Supplied.


Although it covers the Sportscraft white t-shirt, this outfit looks polished. 

The blazer dresses up the knit and the boots tie in with the blazer. To complete it, I always choose some matching sunnies and in this case, my brown ones match the knit perfectly.

5. Wear your jumper as an accessory.

This is a trick I use ALL. THE. TIME.

When it's still in-between weather and too hot to wear your jumper all day, I'll wear my knit as an accessory. Once I'm all dressed in my white t-shirt, jeans, blazer and boots, I'll throw the knit over my shoulders. 

Image: Supplied.


It's preppy, chic and has me prepared for if or when it get's cold. 

6. Layer, layer, layer.

And finally, always consider adding another layer. Once I've got my base layer on — the blazer, white t-shirt, jeans and boots — I'll think about whether it needs something on top to tie it altogether.

Chances are, it will make the outfit.

As I mentioned earlier, you'll notice Sportscraft has championed colour this year because that's what we want to wear more of this winter. Bright, fun pieces!

So, since the outfit lacks just that, I've added the same fabulous check coat from earlier. The deep purples tie in with the black and the colour and pattern makes the look fun and exciting.

Image: Supplied.

Can you see how much I love it?

From wardrobe essentials to weekend wear, Sportscraft has got you covered to stay warm all winter long. 

To get some serious Mother's Day inspo, check out their gift guide here.

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Renowned for outstanding quality and craftsmanship, Sportscraft is one of Australia’s most trusted fashion and lifestyle brands. Since 1914, Sportscraft has offered a wide range of clothing and accessories inspired by the authentic Australian lifestyle.