Brooke's $15 baby bottle storage hack is saving time-poor mums.

All mums have been there. You’re under pressure from a crying baby to give them a bottle as quickly as possible, but you can’t pair up the right ‘nipple lid’, and the sight of the mess alone (and maybe how tired you are) makes you want to cry.

But it’s not too late to save your kitchen from the mess.

Texan mum-of-two Brooke McDaniel, who had her two children back-to-back, needed quick and easy storage for her copious amounts of bottles lying around. Without having time to wash them six times a day, she bought a large volume of bottles.

“Nothing in the baby section seemed practical to save any space,” she told BuzzFeed Parents. “Every bottle holder was bulky and just didn’t fit my needs, so I improvised.”

The post has since racked up over 100,000 shares on Facebook, showcases neatly stacked bottles and dummies – something mums only dream about or see in movies.

Her ingenious hack? A shower caddy.

Need something to store all your cleaning products in? Use a shower caddy. Want to declutter your kitchen counter or pantry? Use a shower caddy. Need to store all the lipsticks you have but don’t really need or use? Use a shower caddy.

And the best part? They don’t break the bank.

You can buy a two-tier shower caddy for $15 from Target, a three-tier shower caddy for $15 from Big W, or a family shower caddy for $10 from K-Mart if you need more space.

Hats off to you, Brooke McDaniel.

A shower caddy might just be the answer to all our storage woes.

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