This $12 hack for getting rid of your sweaty upper lip is so weird, it's genius.

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Summer is nigh and that can only mean one thing. Sweaty upper lips.

And under eye bags. And forehead. And chin.

On your commute? Sweaty face. Walking to the shops? Sweaty face. Stepped out of a cold shower? SWEATY FACE ARGHHHHHH.

All this sweating begs the question, is there a way to stop your face sweating and ruining your skincare and makeup during summer?

Mamamia’s executive editor and beauty editor of 15 years Leigh Campbell very helpfully presented a few solutions to that question when it was asked of her on this week’s You Beauty podcast (get it in your ears below).

Those ideas included:

  • “If you have a relatively progressive workplace, I would sometimes do my face when I get to work.”
  • “Wear your hair up in a loose bun on your commute to keep your neck cool.”
  • “A mattifying primer does really make a difference, there are some that are quite grippy that have lots of silicone in them that will stick your makeup to your face.”
  • “At the end of your routine, spray a setting spray all over your face.”
  • “Use more long-wear, mattifying foundation formulas, and waterproof mascara or tubular mascara because they won’t smudge in the way traditional mascaras will.”
  • “Embrace your dewiness.” (Gee, cheers Leigh.)

BUT wait for it, because Leigh saved the most ingenious option right until the end of the segment.

“Oh, and if you get a sweaty, dewy top lip, a great trick is to swipe a little bit of antiperspirant deodorant on your top lip,” she said.

lisa kudrow giphy
Wait... whaaaaaa?!?!?!?!

Indeed, Leigh's (literally) hot tip is to apply a bit of your roll-on on your upper lip before applying makeup to avoid alerting the sweaty upper lip police.

You'd only want to do this with a regular strength antiperspirant, not your clinical strength.

You can also try the $12 face product that came highly recommended by SO MANY PEOPLE in Mamamia's private beauty Facebook group You Beauty.

It's called Neat Feat 3B Face Saver (RRP $16.95 but it's generally on sale at the chemist) and it's an antiperspirant face gel that works like a hardcore primer to minimise facial sweating. Of course, all that face sweat will need to leave your body via another exit, so expect additional wetness elsewhere.


Well, there you have it.

Now, please kindly get out of the way so we can stock up on a lifetime supply of this magical product.

You Beauty Cheat Sheet

Other questions Leigh and Kelly answered, as well as their ‘spendys’ and ‘saveys’ (and where you can buy them).

"Are sheet masks really all they're cracked up to be? With cost-per-wear and being bad for the environment, am I just having an expensive 10-minute nap?"

  • Sheet masks have gone crazy in the last few years, but will die down eventually.
  • How bad a sheet mask is for the environment depends on what it's made from - some are cotton, some are synthetic.
  • Sheet masks can cost anywhere from $3 each, which is similar to a single application from a tub mask.
  • Best practice for using sheet masks is to use before you do your makeup for an event, not before bed.
  • Sheet masks are basically a highly concentrated, plumping serum that will make your skin and makeup look really dewy.
  • You can get the same effect from serum, about five or six pumps, but a sheet mask is more economical (hot tip - put all the goo in the packaging all the way down your chest).
  • Comes down to personal preference - Leigh says if you're into skincare and have the money, go for the expensive sheet masks if they bring you joy.

Leigh's Savey: Ulta3 Lip Glow Colour and Care Balm, $7.95.

Image: Ulta3.

Why she loves it:

  • Comes in four different colours - Leigh's colour is Spice.
  • It's a bricky, rosey nude with a semi-matte balm/stain finish.
  • Feels nourishing, but like you've got a lip on.

Kelly's Savey: Sukin Super Greens Cleansing Oil, $13.95.

Image: Sukin.

Why she loves it:

  • This is the only drug store cheap cleansing oil that is actually really good, in Kelly's opinion.
  • You pour a little bit in your hand and apply to slightly wet skin, takes all your makeup off (you can double cleanse with your regular cleanser afterwards).
  • Lasts for so long because oil goes a long way.
  • Leaves skin feeling soft, doesn't feel stripped or squeaky (which means you've stripped your skin of natural oil and it will get angry at you and produce more oil, so fun).

Leigh's Spendy: Hair by Sam McKnight Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist, $49.

Image: MECCA.

Why she loves it:

  • The biggest question we ask is, how do I get that 'I haven't done my hair but I have' look?
  • This product is available through MECCA and does that - it gives you cool girl hair.
  • Easy to use - mist all over, can brush out.
  • Smells so delicious, like a luxurious perfume, and comes in premium packaging.
  • Just feels like your hair with a tiny bit of texture.

Kelly's Spendy: EZ Smile Clear Aligners, $2,149.

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Why she loves it:

  • Both Kelly and Leigh are trialling these aligners, Kelly is happy enough with the results to recommend after five weeks' use.
  • Kelly always said she'd fix her teeth once she got engaged - she had braces as a teenager but didn't wear the retainers, so her teeth have moved back.
  • They are clear aligners you wear day and night, and you change a set every two or three weeks.
  • Everything is done at home so no dentist appointments - you do mould at home (warning from Leigh, expect drool city) then you send that off and they send you your trays with videos of how to use them etc.
  • Teeth feel tight and a bit painful for the first few days of each new set, but then that subsides.
  • Kelly has noticed a difference after five weeks of using them as directed (i.e. not forgetting).

Until next week, stay lovely.

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