This lecturer has an unconventional punishment for lateness and it will strike fear in your heart.

My whole life, I’ve been running late.

It’s a little commendable, really. The consistency with which I am always late.

It comes from a few factors, including a) a fundamental misunderstanding of how time works, b) the tendency to avoid everything when things get stressful (i.e. time), and c) general life disorganisation which then makes efficiency in crucial moments impossible.

But after hearing about the strategy one professor uses to stop students being late, I’m terrified. Because while the prospect of being on time seems… silly, this professor’s alternative is genuinely sickening.


Why would you do that.

That's a punishment fit for an actual crime. Like stealing. Or vandalism. Not... lateness.

The professor's policy has started a conversation online, after a video of one of his students being subjected to his torturous punishment was shared on Twitter.

What's confusing, however, is that this student seemed to be... enjoying it.

Obviously the video went viral because... wut, so Brandon Goderich, AKA the dancing student, shared the story behind it.


This also isn't the first time Goderich has been late to this class, which means, you guessed it, it isn't the first time he's been forced to dance.

Somehow we just don't think this was what the professor had in mind when he invented his lateness rule.

But he'll probably end up with a class full of professional dancers, which is all anyone wants, really.

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