PSA: The 19 most commonly misspelled words your defiantly getting wrong.


Once upon a time, as hard as it is to believe, spell check didn’t exist.

No Grammarly. No online dictionaries. No red squiggly line to tell us when a word is wrong.

What must the people have done?!

Of course, they went and grabbed a dictionary, and before that, actually took the time to learn the spellings of words correctly from the start.

As our lives get busier and everything becomes more automated, spelling has become somewhat of a lost art form. Oh, we’ve also just gotten lazier because, who has time to look, cover, write, check anymore?

If you’ve ever spent ages crafting the perfect email (or social media caption) only to see it sent off with a rogue typo, you’ll know how one little mix up of letters can bring down the quality of your work. Or your Tinder conversation.

Side note – we don’t know how to pronounce words either. Can you get these celebrity name right? Post continues after video.

Video by MWN

In an effort to help, we did a little digging through Oxford Dictionaries’ list of commonly misspelt words to see which ones we all stuff up from time to time.

Here they are in all there (geddit?) glory.

  1. definitely – definietly, defiantly, defenetely etc.
  2. embarrassed – embarased, embarrased, embarassed.
  3. liaison – liason, leeason.
  4. conscience – conscence, conscious.
  5. your/you’re.
  6. there/their/they’re.
  7. publicly – publically, publicaly.
  8. accommodate – acommodate, accomodate, accomadate.
  9. cemetery – cemetary, cemetry.
  10. noticeable – noticable.
  11. maintenance – maintainence, mantenance, maintanance.
  12. weird – wierd.
  13. whoa – woah.
  14. ecstasy – ecstacy, extacy.
  15. rhythm – rythm, rhythym.
  16. necessary – neccessary, necesary, neccesary.
  17. misspell – mispel, mispell.
  18. separate – seperate.
  19. occurrence – occerence, occurence, occurance.

Which words do you always spell incorrectly? Tell us in the comments!