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The free app that will make you sound infinitely more intelligent.

There’s nothing better than a bloody good word.

Not big ones necessarily, but good ones. A word that encapsulates precisely what you mean – arising at exactly the moment you need it.

When I was at Uni, I was inundated with exciting new words. Zeitgeist. Discourse. Lexicon. Esoteric.

And the thing about language, is that new words present new ways of thinking. With them, comes a slightly unfamiliar concept that ultimately broadens the mind.

But once Uni was over, my vocabulary began to dwindle. I say ‘like’ too much. I’m always searching for the word I want. I hear other people use words and realise that I don’t quite know what it means.

I discussed the solution to my predicament on Mamamia Out Loud this week… 

Walking home one day I thought – “It’s 2016, surely there’s an app for that”. BOOM. I introduce: Vocabulary Builder.

Holy moley. It’s been three weeks and I feel like goddamn Mark Twain.

^^ Me thinking about words. Image via Giphy.

It begins with basic words, before gradually getting more and more difficult.

I discovered that there were a bunch of words I'd been using incorrectly like an IDIOT.


Apparently 'plethora' doesn't actually mean 'a lot of something' but rather 'more than is needed'. Awks.

Then there were those awkward words you semi-know but wouldn't be completely comfortable using them in a sentence, like 'relegate', which I'm pretty sure I've been using interchangeably with delegate for the last few years.

And then there are these ones:

Torpor. Recondite. Germane.

Huh? Image via Giphy.


I am addicted.

And I need everyone else to download the app so I sound like less of a wanker when I drop the word 'impudent'.

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