5 mistakes you’re probably making when shaving down there.

Ohh, shaving. It's something many of us have been doing for a long time but still manage to get wrong. Especially when it comes to pubic hair. Redness! Rashes! Ingrowns! We've all experienced them.

To ensure those pesky problems don't happen again, we've discovered the five mistakes you've probably made while shaving down there (plus tips on how to fix them.)

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Before we get into it, we need to preface: there is no right or wrong way to shave your pubic hair. If you have a system that works, go you! 

But we do know that there are a few common mistakes we can correct to stop those annoying issues from occurring. 

1. Not trimming the hair first.

If you go straight in with a razor on lengthy pieces of hair, you're more than likely going to end up with irritation. To ensure the cleanest shave, trim it down before you get in the shower.


We suggest using a pair of grooming scissors or bikini area trimmer. 

2. Not exfoliating.

This is one many of us forget.

If you leave a build-up of dead skin cells (aka don't exfoliate) you're more than likely to cause irritation or ingrowns (maybe both!). 

So prior to shaving, grab your exfoliating mitts or simply a wash cloth and massage the area to remove the dead skin cells. 

3. Not using the correct product.

Using your body wash to shave might do the trick but it can cause both nasties we discussed above. Shaving cream is specially formulated to help the razor glide so we suggest using some. 

There are plenty to choose from, including options for those with sensitive skin. 

We suggest opting for a fragrance-free option as it's the most likely option to not irritate the skin.

4. Using the wrong tool.

NEVER use an old razor. Just don't do it. 

As the hair down there is very easily irritated from shaving, you need to go in with a fresh, clean razor every time. No one wants razor rash or burn.

And make sure you rinse the razor in between strokes. 

5. Shaving when you first get in the shower. 

Now, this final mistake is one that plenty of us might be making.

If you get into the shower and shave down there first, you're more than likely ensuring razor burn. By waiting until the end of your shower to shave, you're allowing the hair follicles to soften, which lowers the risk of any angry redness.

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