Couples on the brink of divorce reveal the simple changes that saved their marriage.

When it comes to divorce, it seems increasingly like couples have as much chance as lasting forever as they do calling it quits. But what if little, insignificant changes had an impact on the overall happiness of your relationship?

For some, that’s been the only thing that’s saved it.

Taking to secret-sharing app Whisper, couples on the brink of divorce have revealed the simple changes that saved their marriage.


For an overwhelming group, sex seemed to be one of the major factors that turned relationships around. Whether it be learning each other’s style a little more or trying new things, couples found this had a substantial difference in mending their fractured relationships.

“My wife and I read 50 shades of grey and it saved our marriage,” one user said.

“My husband and I went almost six months without sex until he found out I like it rough and love dirty talk. Now he has wanted it every night for the last week straight,” another admitted.

“Swinging, at least trying to, has saved our marriage by opening up communication and intimacy. Feeling like teenagers again,” one wrote.

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Small (and big) life changes

Whether it be changing habits and hobbies or life goals all together, others find changing things outside the relationship made the biggest difference on their love.

“Cooking together is bringing my husband and I together. We were on the brink of divorce and this saved us.”

“On the brink of divorce, my husband left to visit his family. I’m alone with our three kids and our relationship is stronger than ever. Distance truly does make the heart grow fonder.”

(Innocent) games

That’s right, not even sexual games, but ones of a much more innocent variety.

“Whenever I get annoyed at my husband, I get on the Wii, click his video game character and shake him. Immature? Yes… but it’s saved our marriage.”

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"My husband and I are saving our marriage by leaving each other cute hidden sticky notes. It's working."

"Pokemon Go is saving our marriage. We went for a 'pokewalk' and spent all night together."

Looking after one's wellbeing

And then, of course, there's how looking after the mind and body can have a monumental impact on the relationships around you.

"Counselling and day shift saved our marriage. We've never been happier."

"I think letting my husband be my personal trainer is saving my marriage."

How did you save your marriage on the brink of divorce?