The sneaky reason your iPhone has been using so much data lately.

Ever heard of Wi-Fi assist?

We hadn’t either. But it turns out this slippery sucker has been stealing your data from RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE.

Although its purpose is actually pretty clever (if you have a weak Wi-Fi signal it uses data so your social media stalking isn’t compromised), it can also make you go over your data allowance each month. Which is obviously fine if you love to shower money from the rooftops, but for everyone else, this is very, very inconvenient.

Luckily, there’s a quick fix.

Go to your settings and click on “mobile”.

The last text from best friends (post continues after video):

Once in “mobile”, scroll down to the very, very bottom…

Until you reach the “wifi assist” button. TURN THIS OFF IMMEDIATELY.

Enjoy using your excess data to spend hours and hours scrolling through Facebook.