Lost on a soccer field, Gomez and Morticia huddled together until they were rescued.

Excuse us.

We need to tell you about the sweetest dog/cat friendship since Milo & Otis.

You see, three weeks ago someone spotted a dog and kitten huddled together on a soccer field in Virginia.

The cute lil’ pair were hiding between some port-a-loos and refused to leave each other’s side.

A woman named Angela Ward heard that the animals needed rescuing and so headed down to the soccer field with her daughter and a friend.

“We are all huge animal lovers and couldn’t stand to see them left there. We have a lot of coyotes in this area that come out at night,” Angela told Love Meow. “Sure enough, these two were still cowering between the porta-potties.”

They surrounded the port-a-loos so the lil’ fellas couldn’t escape if they got spooked, and then called animal control for help.

Once rescued, they took the pair to an emergency vet to be checked over. The little Chihuahua mix was given the all clear and the tuxedo kitten just needed some treatment for his fur.

how to rescue a dog
Best buddies. Image: YouTube.

When the Savers of Souls Pet Rescue heard about their plight, they offered to take them in and find them a home together.

The two best friends have now been named Gomez (Chihuahua mix) and Morticia (tuxedo kitten).

They remain completely inseparable.