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Six reasons why you shouldn't make plans this weekend and relax instead.

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Fact: What you do to relax on the weekend can could be viewed as a cruel form of punishment by someone else.

Case in point? My Saturday mornings are spent in organisation mode. The recycling bin is put out. A wash is put on. The house is tidied. Those clothes I left strewn around my room during the week (because who has the willpower to take the nine seconds to hang them up in your closet after a big day at work?) are put away neatly.

All these acts combined are like chugging down a metaphorical chill pill. It’s like yoga for my little organised soul.

My partner? He’s a little the opposite. He prefers to relax in the more traditional sense of the word. He takes pleasure in reading the paper from back to front. Gives his family or friends a call. Chugs a double shot flat white. And just slowwws dowwwnnn after a massive week.

Both scenarios are most certainly relaxing, but they’re worlds – no, universes – different. To round up all of the unique and fabulous ways to relax on the weekend, I asked the Mamamia office for their take on the ‘R’ word.

1. Sleeping in.

Your weekdays and weekend days are divided by one small act: the turning on of your alarm. On weekends, caution is thrown to the wind, your alarms titled “Gym” or “Boot Camp” or “hair washing morning” are replaced by sweet nada.

Some prefer keeping their head firmly on the pillow until it’s lunchtime, while some just appreciate the sheer joy that comes with waking up, you know, when your body actually wants to wake up.

Who doesn't love a sleep in? Image: iStock.


2. Food dates.

One sweet weekend pleasure is the endless variety of mealtimes by which you can organise catch ups with friends. While during the working week there's a distinct monotony to the times you pick up your fork, the weekend has magical meals like morning tea, “coffee”, brunch, afternoon tea, afternoon nibbles, post-dinner dinner, and of course, at this time of year, “ice cream” is basically it's own distinct meal time.

ice cream

"Ice cream is basically it's own distinct meal time." Image: iStock.

3. TV.

When there are dinners to cook and bed times to be adhered to, the 284 TV shows and movies you've bookmarked to watch get dusty from Monday to Friday.

Your good mates “Saturday” and “Sunday” however? All they want for you is to binge watch, and binge watch and binge watch. No guilt required.


"No guilt required." Image: iStock.

4. No makeup.

While there's something decidedly fun about doing your makeup for work in the morning (just me?) there's nothing more freeing than rolling out of bed on Saturday morning and going straight out to seek the basics - food and coffee - without even a glance in the mirror. Skin, meet fresh air.

"Skin, meet fresh air." Image: iStock.

5. Reading.

While many of us might have the best of intentions, sitting down for a lengthy reading session on weekdays is usually usurped by 37 minutes spent finding out what that girl who was mean to you in high school is now doing with her life on Facebook. (Answer: she has seven kids and appreciates the heart emoji.)

But on the weekend that shifts and an afternoon spent turning pages and sipping tea is like chocolate cake for the mind.

reading on beach

Get lost in another world with a good book. Image: iStock.

6. Getting outdoors.

If you spend many of your days working inside an office, classroom or shop, you'll know that the feeling the sun’s rays on your face instead of fluorescent lights, and the fresh air on your skin instead of the blast of air-con, is second to none.

One of the biggest ways the Mamamia office loves relaxing is done by simple opening the door and stepping outside. Going for walks somewhere scenic, sitting in a park or relaxing at the beach are the signs of a relaxing weekend well spent.

Step outside and get moving. Image: iStock.

How do you relax on the weekend?