'How a trip to the French Riviera allowed me to connect with my mother.'

This year my relationship with my mother has drastically changed.

I stopped calling her if I needed comfort

When I got sick I suffered alone. When she got sick I worked from her home and took her to the hospital.

She has been a nurturing, supportive and fun mother but she is now in her eighties and it’s high time I took on some of the caring.

My mum and I had lunch at the famous Château de la Chèvre d'Or in Eze. Image supplied.

It's been confronting for both of us to switch roles; she is an independent and fun spirited woman, but it's been an honour for me to step up and last week there was a massive bonus.

I flew to the French Riviera to be her travelling companion.  Mum was last in Nice in 1949 when she stayed at the Youth Hostel. This time we lived it in a lovely hotel on the Promenade Dei Anglais with a rooftop restaurant that had a stunning sparkling view. We roamed medieval hilltop towns like Eze and St Paul De Vence, we wandered through Picasso's studio in Antibes, Renoir's house in Cagnes Sur Mur and the Matisse Museum above Nice.

Lunch at Château de la Chèvre d'Or in Eze. Image supplied.

We had long lunches with wine and we relaxed, recovered and reconnected.  As I drove her through the modern day sprawl, she told me what it was like to hitchhike around Europe in the 1950s.

Antibes. Image supplied.

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