Going shopping? Here’s why it pays to read the label.

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I’ve never been that fussed about the kind of fabric my clothing is made of.

As long as it was shaping, comfortable, affordable, easy to clean, robust and didn’t require too much ironing, I was happy. And surely that’s not too much to ask for, is it?

But it turns out I should have been paying a lot more attention to the labels all along – because apparently, all you need to do to ensure your favourite items of clothing achieve all of the above is to do a bit of research before buying.

Then you’ll know you’re getting exactly what you’re getting.

1. Shaping.

Some underwear makes use of the most innovative fabrics on the market, which has the benefit of being both comfortable and shaping. There is a real science to it. For example, you should look for bras made from light lace, which will ensure it is extremely stretchy and smoothing.

Then there are fabrics like Soft Supima, which is a high quality and incredibly fine cotton that helps create an invisible and perfect fit. This fabric is also durable, comfy, soft and strong – no more fraying underwear that fades. With smooth, invisible lines that also offer some support, anything else you put on top of your underwear looks much better.


2. Comfortable.

There is nothing more annoying than clothing that itches. And what about those jumpers and cardigans that offer no protection from the cold whatsoever? It can be really distressing to buy a gorgeous winter jumper that will look perfect over fitted jeans and boots, only to leave you scratching and shivering ungracefully.

When choosing your clothes, you need to pay attention to fabrics. Try and avoid nylon. The most comfortable (and warm) items are made using natural fabrics like wool, cashmere and cotton.

3. Affordable.

Everyone wants affordable clothes, but when hunting for bargains, it’s important to also look out for good quality fabric to make sure the clothes last more than a couple of wears. To do that, track down sales and read every single label to ensure you are buying pieces made from the best materials possible. Think silk shirts, cashmere sweaters and pairs of good stretchy denim jeans.

You can absolutely afford the best natural fabrics if you shop smart online and at sale time.


4. Easy to clean.

One of the easiest fabrics to clean is cotton. It also allows your skin to breathe, so on hot days, you can drape yourself in cotton and still stay cool and comfy. I have removed food stains from cotton using just wet wipes (miraculous, I know) – so as long as you clean it straight away, you won’t have too many problems.

Hemp is another easy-to-clean, natural fabric. I have THE BEST pair of loose, drawstring pants made from hemp that have sustained MANY spills – and still look great, years later.

5. Robust.

Natural fabrics will last and last – as long as you take care of them. No, you can’t just dump silk shirts and cotton sun dresses on the floor and hope they last the distance. At the very least, you need to hang them over a chair (or over your unused elliptical trainer).

Read the labels and avoid blends as often as you can, particularly when you are purchasing clothing you want to last the distance.


6. Doesn’t require ironing.

Let’s be real. Ironing sucks. So, however, does polyester, a fabric that many people find uncomfortable to wear. So stick to natural fabrics and use a few tricks to minimise wrinkles.

Particularly with fabrics like cotton and silk, you can do this by hanging the clothes up straight away and leaving them in the bathroom while you shower. Then, just allow the steam to lessen any creases. Even a blast with your hairdryer should do the trick.

And cashmere and wool shouldn’t wrinkle much at all if you look after them carefully – and if you hate ironing as much as I do, that’s a pretty big win.

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