Exactly how to protect your hair and scalp from the sun in summer.

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So, you’ve been pretty good with sun protection this summer, haven’t you?

Thanks to the rise and rise of skin care, sunscreens and SPF products have come a long way from the thick, greasy formulas you would’ve used as a child. In 2019, sun protection is sexy and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

But while you’re busy reapplying your face sunscreen and making sure your shoulders are in the shade, another part of your body might be roasting in the sun.

Your scalp.

The skin that covers your head is no different to the skin on any other part of your body – fail to protect it from the sun, and it’ll burn. Aside from putting yourself at risk of developing melanoma, burnt scalps leave behind red, itchy and flakey hair parts that look as lovely as they don’t feel.

So how do you protect your scalp and hair from sunburn?

The first thing Mamamia’s executive editor and beauty guru Leigh Campbell wants you to know is, you can’t get skin cancer in your hair.

“There are hair care products that contain sunscreen to protect your hair from the sun, but people do that because they want to stop their hair from drying out and to stop colour fade – you can’t get cancer or melanoma in your hair strands, so I guess it’s more of a hair care concern rather than a cancer concern,” she said on the You Beauty podcast (get the latest episode in your ears below, post continues after audio).

That doesn’t mean your hair can’t be affected by the sun (think faded colour and dry, scratchy strands). And if you’re paying a lot of money for you hair colour and don’t want it to fade while you’re making the most of summer, there are some things you can do.

For summer hair care that will protect your strands from heat and UV damage, Leigh recommended:

Things get a little trickier when it comes to protecting your scalp from the sun.

Wearing a hat is the most effective option – a ginormous sunhat makes for great company at the beach. Another option is using an SPF loose powder as a dry shampoo of sorts. Leigh suggested applying a powder like the Colore Sciemce Sunforgetable down your part and working it in like you would dry shampoo.


Then, there’s this genius tip – keep switching your hair part up.

“If you’re in the sun a lot, perhaps don’t part your hair in the same part every single day. Change your part or put your hair in a ponytail so the same skin isn’t susceptible to sun damage,” Leigh said.

This hack is free and will only take you two seconds to execute in the morning. It could look like a hair roster – a middle part on the first day you wash your hair, a side part on the second, and a high ponytail or a half up half down bun style for the third.

Of course, applying sunscreen to your hair part is the only way to make sure your scalp won’t get burnt. If you are heading out to the beach, we’d recommending swiping a non-greasy slick of sunscreen down your part for good measure.

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You Beauty Cheat Sheet

Other questions Leigh and Kelly answered, as well as their ‘spendys’ and ‘saveys’ (and where you can buy them).

‘Foundation gets flaky or looks like a mask on my face, what can I do about that? And, what’s the best way to apply foundation?’

  • If foundation is going flaky or looks like a mask, it might be the wrong type of foundation – you’ve got to match the type of foundation to your skin type, as well as the colour.
  • Full coverage or longwear formulas aren’t great options for people with dry skin.
  • Leigh is currently trialling Too Faced Dew You Foundation (not available in Aus yet), look for a medium/full coverage formula that’s not matte.
  • That said, it’s important to address your skin concerns – your makeup can only go on so smoothly depending on your skin’s condition.
  • If you have dry skin, apply a hydrating serum and moisturiser before application, or add a few drops of face oil or serum into your foundation.
  • As for how to apply foundation – makeup artists usually apply foundation with a brush, and work it in with their fingers.
  • Leigh prefers fingers or a sponge over foundation brushes for application, but use what works best for you.

Leigh’s Spendy: Juliet Has A Gun Not A Perfume Eau de Parfum 100ml, $200.

Image: Adore Beauty.

Why she loves it:

  • It's not a traditional fragrance because instead of layered notes, the perfume has one single note, it's called Cetalox (also known as Ambroxan).
  • It's quite heady, but people will stop you and ask what you've got on.
  • Allergen-free, so great if your skin reacts poorly with fragrances.

Kelly's Spendy: Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, $37.

Image: Sephora.

Why she loves it:

  • People either love or hate this product - Kelly enjoys it as a high coverage concealer.
  • A grain of rice size is all you need, it's extremely pigmented.
  • Leigh's also tried this, you can read her Tarte Shape Tape Concealer review here.

Leigh's Savey: Designer Brands Luminous Hydrating Foundation, $19.99.


Why she loves it:

  • Does what it says it does - really hydrating, really glowy foundation.
  • It's medium coverage, the glow is what it's about, apply and then go over and conceal if you like.
  • Excellent budget foundation.

Kelly's Savey: Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Eau de Toilette 100ml, $19 (or cheaper depending where you buy).

Image: Chemist Warehouse.

Why she loves it:

  • Kelly's gotten so many comments on this product.
  • She describes it as a 'non-fragrance' fragrance.
  • Has a crisp scent - "it almost smells like you're just really clean."

Until next time, stay lovely.

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