How to find the perfect nude lipstick for you, according to a celebrity makeup artist.

Finding the perfect nude lipstick is like finding a needle in a haystack.

While almost every brand makes them, it can be a near-impossible task to land on the one that specifically suits you. 

That's too pink. Nope, that's too peach. That one's way too light.

We get it.

Watch our hacks to keep your lipstick on your face. Post continues after video.

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We spoke to celebrity makeup artist Michael Brown (he's painted the face of Aussie babes Jesinta Franklin and Miranda Kerr) to hear his top five tips for finding the perfect nude lipstick.

Because when you find 'the one', it's life-changing (yep, seriously).

1. Think about the makeup and clothes you'll pair it with.

Before you start your hunt for the perfect nude lipstick, Michael suggests considering what makeup and clothes you'll pair the lipstick with. 

"The most important factors when looking for that perfect nude are what it will be paired with, in terms of fashion and the overall makeup look," Michael told Mamamia.

"If your overall look is quite paired back and very neutral, the nude needs to be fresh with a hint of colour (either pink or peach based). But if your fashion is bright or bold, or your eye makeup is strong, then you can wear a more beige nude. It’s all about balance."


2. Figure out your undertone. 

As we all have different skin tones, our 'perfect nude' will vary. So you need to take into consideration the skin tone and undertone you've been blessed with and go from there.

Generally speaking, there are two main undertones: cool/pink or warm/yellow. And if you're unsure which camp you fall into, Michael has a trick.

"The best way [to find yours] is to look at the vein colour you see at the back of your wrist."

"If the vein tone is more blue, that relates to a cool, pink base or a fair skin tone. If the vein tone is more green, that relates to warm, yellow base or an olive or darker skin tone," he explained.

Depending on whether you're warm or cool, there are certain types of nudes that might suit you best.


"Think opposites - so if you have a lot of pink present within your skin, try a warmer nude, like a peach-based nude. But if your skin is olive or tends to throw yellow undertones, try a pink-based nude," Michael said.


But wait, what if I'm neither warm nor cool? Good question.

Some people fall in the middle and are considered neutral; they're neither warm nor cool. Those lucky ducks can sway both ways and choose pink or peach!

3. Think about your preferred finish.

After you've figured out what shade of nude will suit you best, you need to consider which finish you prefer. 

It completely comes down to personal preference (if you like glossy lips, go gloss!), but if you're unsure about whether to choose matte, gloss or satin, Michael has some suggestions. 

"Matte finishes are usually a slightly stronger pigment and tend to last longer, but if there is not much going on with fashion and makeup, it can look flat and dull," he said.

"Gloss reflects light and therefore can appear more sheer, but is an amazing addition to any lipstick to brighten and add a bit more glamour to the look."

If you want something in between those two extremes, go for satin. "It's usually quite moisturising and comfortable," he said.

Michael also shared another makeup artist tip. 

"I generally always apply a touch of gloss to the centre of a nude lip to brighten the overall look," he said.


4. Choose the right lip liner to pair with it.

We know, we know. We started off talking about lipsticks, and now we're mentioning lip liners. But hear us out.

As a makeup artist, Michael has noticed many beauty faux pas' when it comes to nude lipsticks. Most commonly, wearing a nude that gets lost amongst everything else.

"A common mistake is not taking into account other tones on the face or in fashion, so some nudes can get lost," he said.

"I always like to use a slightly deeper lip liner when applying a nude lipstick, as your lip edge needs definition," he explained.


5. Choose a brand.

Lastly, it's time to pick your bullet. 

These days, basically every affordable and exy brand is making nude lipsticks, so go for gold. We highly recommend looking for those that have a good shade range though, because then you'll have a better chance at finding one that suits you. 

Michael suggests the beauty expert-loved brand, Charlotte Tilbury.

"I think they have some amazing nude lipsticks, glosses and lip liners, definitely a go-to," he said.

But always remember, the 'perfect nude' doesn't have to be prescriptive. Some people might love a nude closest to their skin tone, while others might prefer something pinker because it makes their lips stand out. 

If you find a shade you like, rock it.

Feature image: Instagram/@lanacondor @ash_kholm