Rachael Finch just shared a genius hack for peeling mangoes and life feels easier now.

They say nothing worth having in life comes easy. This is certainly true of mangoes.

How something so delicious and sweet can be so damn hard to eat is gravely unjust.

Luckily for us, model and TV presenter Rachael Finch has come up with an easy way of peeling mangoes without throwing most of it in the bin.

Involving a household object we’re sure you’re rather familiar with, the 29-year-old former Miss Universe Australia shared the clever trick on Instagram.

As shown in her video, Finch recommends cutting your mango into wedges before using the edge of a wine glass to separate the flesh from the skin.

Aside from ensuring you don’t waste any of the flesh, this method also leaves you with nice, smooth slices of mango, rather than the mushy pulp we usually end up with when attempting to deal with them.

Considering how bloody expensive mangoes are, this tip could save you thousands (depending on how much you like the fruit) on perfectly good chunks of mango most of us don’t have the luxury of wasting.

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