Here's how you pee when you're wearing a wedding dress.

Peeing on your wedding day: It’s notoriously high on the “tricky bridal tasks” list—right up there along with worrying about the weather and telling your guests their kids aren’t invited.

And ever since bridesmaids became A Thing, they’ve been expected to help brides wriggle, squeeze and squat their way to a comfortable peeing position at least once during the big day.

But apparently there’s a trick to peeing on your wedding day, no bridesmaids required. Bonus: It only costs about 50 cents, because all you need is a big, black trash bag.

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A word of warning: According to Offbeat Bride, the trick works best on fairly poofy dresses that don’t crease too easily.

Kristin Chirico at BuzzFeed also tested it out, and found it worked smoothly on the fit-and-flare (a.k.a. trumpet, or mermaid-style) silhouette. Chirico warns that massive ball gowns may be too big for this method, though.

SO. Without further ado, here’s the step-by-step breakdown described by Offbeat Bride:

  • Get yourself a big plastic trash bag. The kind that goes in a big garbage bin, not the smaller ones you use in the kitchen.
  • Tear a tiny hole in the bottom of the trash bag, just wide enough to fit your feet through.
  • Take your heels off (unless the bathroom floors are seriously too gross.)
  • Stand near a wall so you don’t topple over, then step into the bag and put your feet through the hole.
  • Pull the top of the bag up and start loading your dress into it. (Keep your feet close together so you don’t widen the hole too much.)
  • Shimmy the bag up your body carefully. Make sure to get all the complicated bits like sashes, ribbons, tulle underskirts etc.
  • Once the hole is around your waist, gather the slack at the top of the bag and hold it in one hand. Your dress be hoisted up and well out of the way by now.
  • Do your business.
  • Once done, just rip that bag off and go about your wedding day. (You don’t want to reuse that same bag again; the hole will be too loose by now, anyway.)

The look of relief.

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You actually buy a “proper” version of this, called the “Bridal Buddy”, but if you ask us, you’re just as safe using the trick above.

Model Marissa demonstrating the Bridal Buddy to the crowd! #bridalbuddy #davidtutera #ywephilly

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Voìla! Now go drink prosecco and toast to your bathroom success.


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