How to pack a suitcase to arrive with uncrumpled clothes.

How to pack for a holiday is one of the greatest struggles of life.

Should you compartmentalise? Throw it all in together? Roll it? Throw caution to the wind?

Airport weight limits aside, the best thing you can do when packing is adopting a system that will see you arrive at your destination with a neat, uncrumpled, and organised suitcase. And we have all the secrets.


1. Roll your clothes.

Forget lying your folded shirts and shorts flat on top of each other – gravity will eventually take it’s toll and leave them with deep creases.

Stop, drop, and roll, sister! Roll your clothes up into a tight tubes, and stack next to each other.

It will leave them crease free, and you’ll have heaps more room to squeeze in an extra outfit or two.

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2. Make a clothes parcel.

Think of this as the clothes version of a Russian babushka doll – it’s all about the layers.

Starting with a firm but soft core (think socks in a tightly wrapped T-shirt) lay all your clothes flat on the bed layered on top of each other. Putting the core in the middle, stretch the clothes around it to make a clothes pass-the-parcel.

You’ll end up with a single bundle that can go straight in your suitcase.

3. Pack by outfit.

Rather than pack up your clothes into piles of shorts, shirts, skirts etc, try splitting them out into individual outfits. It will make it much easier to visualise what you’re needing, rather than arriving with 16 pairs of shorts and no underwear.

Once you have the outfits piled together, roll them up in the pile, et voila: you will have your wardrobe ready to go.


4. Put your belt inside the collar.

If you are packing a shirt with a starched collar, save it from collapsing and being squished by looping up your belt, and inserting it inside the collar.

It will help keep it’s shape… and remind you not to forget the belt.

5. Socks inside shoes inside shower caps.

Would you normally put your dirty shoes next to clean clothes? No? Well, don’t do it with your suitcase.

Use the space wisely and stuff your shoes with socks and undies (inside bags), then put the shoes inside a shower cap. It will keep ’em away from your clothes, and make the most of your suitcase space.


Be a minimalist – no, you don’t need that seventh pair of heels for a beach holiday – and always make sure you leave room for purchases whilst you’re away!

Local shopping always beats home.

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