The Bachelor's Tiffany and Megan share the story behind their amazing couple photos.

The most important question we have to ask about The Bachelor’s Megan and Tiffany is NOT about their relationship status following their stint on the dating show.

That question pales in comparison to the most important question of all: HOW DO THEY TAKE SUCH EPIC PHOTOS?

So far the only times you’ve hurt me, is when you’ve made me laugh too hard. @tiffany_janes

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Both of their Instagram accounts are littered with artistic, perfectly lit and Instagram-ready snaps of them laughing on the beach, cuddling over a glass of wine or frolicking in the Australian outback.

But, HOW do they take these perfect photos? Do they have a full-time professional photographer who follows them around 24/7?

Listen to Laura Brodnik and Amy Cooper discuss the most hilarious elements of the show on the latest episode of Bach Chat:


The answer, my friends, is far more simple than we ever would have thought.

It’s a self-timer.

Hidden among comments asking whether the pair are in a romantic relationship are queries about how the perfect shot is gathered every single time.

And now, Tiffany has lifted the lid on their secret.

Excuse me while I make love to the sky. @tiffany_janes

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“Okay but who there taking all these photos,” asked one fan, to which Tiffany replied “self timer”.

Either someone’s parents made a terrible mistake in naming their kid, or Meffany (yes, that’s what we’re going to call them now) are just naturally talented photographers.

Have a look at Tiffany and Megan’s best Insta snaps: