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There's a very big reason why this Aussie cat has more than 85,000 Instagram followers.

As we know, cats basically rule the Internet with their hilarious YouTube clips and witty memes.

Instagram megastar @FrostOfficial is no exception, and is also no ordinary house cat.

She’s Australia’s most popular online feline with over 85,000 followers on Instagram. She has her own celebrity agent, is an ambassador for Petbarn and even has her own line of socks, featuring her iconic moggie mug. Obviously.

Fame and fortune wasn’t always on the cards for the rescue cat that was adopted from Ingleside’s Animal Welfare League in mid 2015. Frost’s first owner abandoned her as a kitten, but a rough start in life didn’t deter her from reaching the heights of superstardom.

Frost has always been ambitious. She knows what she wants in life, and isn’t afraid to chase it.

Frost’s current owner started the Instagram account, @FrostOfficial, to share photos of her with family and friends, and was shocked when the account grew from 0 to 1000 followers in four days.

This was mostly thanks to the ‘Explore’ feature on Instagram which shows posts the app thinks you will be interested in according to the accounts you already follow. So, when cat fans headed to that page, they would find Frost’s photos and her following skyrocketed.

Frost now has an impressive Instagram following of adoring cat fans who love her sassy, opinionated and unapologetic online persona.


Your stupidity confuses me ???? #HeadTiltHeadScratch

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Recently, Frost signed with social media agency Remarkable Pets to help manage her celebrity profile and client demands. Frost has collaborated with Whiskas, RSPCA, Mars Pet Care, Lucky Lotteries and Petbarn on digital campaigns to improve the wellbeing of other animals.

Frost offers companies the opportunity to feature on her Instagram account for $1000 a pop, making her a new breed of ‘entrepurrneur’. You can also buy a pair of her custom designed socks, because these days, what celebrity doesn’t have their own line of products?

It’s almost no surprise that Frost has been so popular on Instagram. Apart from being super cute, ‘cats’ is one of the most searched phrases on the Internet. #Cat has been used on Instagram over 98 million times and cat videos of YouTube have received over 26 billion views.

It’s the sort of success that makes you somewhat jealous and somewhat ill. Seeing Instagram cats who do absolutely nothing, yet still have a better career than you do, is one of the most sobering experiences of your life. But it’s not enough to make us unfollow.

If you also want to question your life choices, check out Frost’s Instagram account here: @frostofficial

Oh, and of course, you can buy Frost’s ridiculously cute socks, here.

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