Here's how to make Sizzler cheese bread. (Eat first, thank us later.)

Make, eat, repeat.

Sizzler is no more. (Read more about that tragic development right here.)

But its memory lives on in the delicious cheesiness of cheese toast, which will nurse our broken hearts as we mourn the cheesy, cheesy tastes of our favourite all-you-can-eat childhood buffet. #RIPSizzler #ForeverInOurHearts

What were we talking about again?

Right. CHEESE BREAD. This is how you make it.


You’ll need: 

Soft bread



Parmesan cheese


Mix the butter with the cheese and spread on the bread.

Heat a frying pan, then cook the bread in the frying pan with the cheesy/buttery/delicious side face down on baking paper.

For a more explicit cooking instructions (or if you’re the kind of person who likes using “exact quantities” instead of “however much butter and parmesan mixture you can physically put on the bread”) check out the video below (via Greg’s Kitchen):

Video via Greg's Kitchen

Will you be making your own cheese bread?

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