Turns out you've been making Milo wrong your entire life.

Ah Milo, the chocolatey coming-of-age magic dust that is part of our national psyche.

Served among a milk whirlpool in a glass, sprinkled liberally atop scoops of vanilla ice-cream and used as a coating to spoonfuls of peanut butter, it is a dried delight that has puzzled us for years.

Because despite having divided drinkers for years (you’re either a stirrer or a scooper and there’s no two ways about it), there is but one element of the after-school special that has remained a mystery.

Why won’t the damned stuff dissolve no matter how hard you stir?

Why  must you continue to confuse us so? 

Turns out, we've been drinking it wrong since its creation in 1934.


Breaking down the mystery that has somehow alluded us all, Buzzfeed took on an old wive's tale recipe to see if the power of the tin could finally be harnessed.

Turns out all you have to do is pour some hot water on your milo before adding milk.

On the left is dissolved Milo, to the right, the chump way we've been going about it for years.  

Goodbye chunks, hello smooth, velvety chocolate milk. Finally, a clear answer on how to make Milo!

And with that puzzle solved we're off to have a drink.

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