The 4 habits you didn't realise were making your hair greasy. Very greasy.

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Few things are more frustrating than looking in the mirror to see your I-swear-I-just-washed-you-yesterday hair already looking limp and greasy.

While there are products that can come to the rescue (I’m looking at you, dry shampoo!), it’s frustrating when you don’t know what’s causing the oil spill.

According to experts the culprit could be right in front of you – your hair brush. Here are the four ways it could be contributing to your oily hair.

1. Your hairbrush is dirty

“If you don’t clean out your brushes regularly a combination of hair products, dust and grease will build up and can make your hair greasy and look and feel dirty,” says celebrity stylist and owner of  Valonz salon Renya Xydis.

2. It’s full of hair.

Something as simple as failing to remove all those stray strands of hair from your brush can make a big difference, too.

“If the brush is really full of hair, then all that old hair will hold on to the grease and reapply it to your clean hair,” explains Edwards and Co‘s Remington Schulz. (Post continues after gallery.)

A dirty brush can also prevent the trusty hair tool from actually doing its job.

“If you don’t clean out the hair from between the bristles, it won’t be able to grasp the hair properly and will be less effective at combing out knots,” says Xydis.

She recommends clearing it out once a week. To extend the life of your brushes, international hair stylist Kevin Murphy recommends giving them a thorough clean.

“I hate dirty brushes. Soaking your brushes in hot soapy water to ensure all product residue and oils are removed every six weeks will keep your brush in good condition,” he says. (Post continues after gallery.)


3. You’re over-brushing

While brushing is great for keeping your hair healthy, over-brushing it can bring out more of your hair’s natural oils than are needed, making your hair greasier.

The same thing happens when you constantly touch or run your fingers through your hair.

4.  Being a little heavy-handed with hair products.

“Applying too much product at the roots of the hair produces a waxy and oily buildup,” says Xydis.

Instead, focus the product (particularly conditioner) on the bottom half of your hair, taking care to properly rinse it all off.

What do you use to hide greasy hair?