How to make your hair colour last longer, no matter which shade you choose.

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It’s a frustrating fact of life: the hair colour you leave the salon with can often be dramatically different to the colour you end up with only a few short weeks later.

This might be due to colour fading or brassiness, but here’s the good news: no matter what colour your choose to dye your hair, there are ways to prolong the ‘just done’ look.


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Girls with platinum blonde hair know the struggle is real when it comes to maintaining the ashy, white look we all love. Asking your colourist to use a strong toner is a good place to start — don't be too worried if you look slightly too ashy upon leaving the salon. Most people's hair will start to show some warmth after a few washes. At home, be sure to have an arsenal of toners and blonde shampoos to counteract any brassiness that comes through.

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If you're rocking some golden blonde hair you can get away with more warmth than platinum girls. Ask your colourist to recommend a good golden conditioner for use between salon treatments which will deposit small amounts of colour and keep you looking fresh.

Strawberry blonde is slightly more difficult, so it might be worth visiting the salon in between colour for a quick toner. Ask specifically for a pink-based one. (Article continues after gallery.)


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The great thing about balayage is that it's an awesome low-maintenance colour. However, it can still be subject to some brassiness on the lighter ends. Ask for ashy tones when you have your colour done and use a toning shampoo at home to maintain the ombre look.


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Red is one of the hardest colours to maintain, simply because it fades. For the most part you need to accept you will suffer some degree of fading. However, leave the colouring to the experts and book in-between appointments to have semi permanent colours, applied which will revive your colour.


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Caramel coloured brunettes will, like any warm colour, risk turning brassy and gold, however there are plenty of at home toners that will revive your hair and keep it looking fresh.

"Caramels tend to fade relatively quickly, so it is important to use ph-balancing shampoos and conditioners. This will help to prevent fade-age more so than a regular," says Jaye Edwards of Edwards and Co salon.

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"Use Christophe Robin Antioxidant Cleansing Milk and Conditioner, furthering the shampoo and conditioner you could use evo fabuloso caramel conditioner once a week."

If you've gone a deep brunette, keep some semi permanent gloss colours at home to add back colour and shine between salon appointments. Jaye also notes that hydration is key with darker browns so get yourself a good conditioner and treatment. (Post continues after gallery.)



Nicole Richie, looking very Twiggy. Source: Instagram.

If you've gone all Nicole Richie with it and added some pastel fun to your hair, be prepared to leave the salon with the colour slightly darker than ideal. That way, after a couple of at home washes, your colour will be perfect.

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The good thing about pastel hair is that it's meant to look faded, so you don't need to worry too much about additional products. If you want to though, you can pick up a colour conditioner which will put back a little more pigment as the weeks wear on.


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Jaye Edwards says shine and hydration, and using a colour protective shampoo, is key to maintaining black hair. "Black tends not to fade as much as other colours," he explains.

What's your secret to maintaining salon-fresh colour?