How to get that "dewy" makeup look - minus the grease factor.

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With the warmer weather comes Spring Racing season, summer parties, and weddings. And while that ‘dewy’ makeup look is perfect for all these occasions, sometimes it feels as though melts off your face 20 minutes after you apply it.

I picked the brain of makeup artist Sarah-Marie Khalil, an IT Cosmetics Australian representative and trainer, about how to achieve a glowy look and make it stay all day. Here’s how it’s done. (Post continues after video.)

1. Priming.

When it’s a hot day, you’re heading out for a long period of time, and you want your makeup to stay put then yes, priming is important. I always prime after I moisturise and put sunscreen on my skin.

2. Concealer, foundation, illumination.

According to Sarah-Marie, the trick is to set your make up with something that has illumination – but isn’t too sparkly or frosty.

“IT Cosmetics has a great illumination foundation, and it has a nice glow in it. You can also do that with your favourite foundation if you want to as well. Some people are quite loyal to one foundation and concealer, then you add that an illuminating product and mix it into the products you have already,” she tells me. (Post continues after gallery.)


3. Baking.

Baking is a great way to set your makeup, especially your eye makeup. Ever notice you end up looking like a panda half way through the day? (Or is that just me?) Well, baking can prevent this.

Apply your concealer, foundation and illumination as normal, then apply powder and let it “bake” for five to 10 minutes before brushing it off. You can read more about baking here.

“Baking will stop your mascara and eye makeup from smudging throughout the day. Then if you do want to have more of a glow, you can add glow powder to the sides of the face,” Sarah-Marie says.

Lizzie's dewy makeup essentials

4. Highlighting.

The glowy look is also about highlighting. We hear a lot about highlighting at the moment - using it on the cheekbone, down the nose, fan out the front, below your eyebrows, above your eyelids, on your chin. It can be all a little too confusing, and you can end up covering your entire face in powder.


Highlighters are more intense than illuminators, and should only be used on spots where you really want definition. Sarah-Marie says you need to make sure you use one without a sparkle in it, as it can accentuate your pores and may not look as smooth.

“Not everyone suits highlighter on the nose, because if they're very oily, they’re going to naturally get a glow there," she explains.

"If you have oily skin, you can highlight the upper cheekbone because you're never going to be over oily there, so it works. Also, a little bit on the upper brow bone as well is perfect, and a little bit on the cupid's bow if you want your lips to look bigger." (Post continues after gallery.)


The process is slightly different for those with a drier complexion.

“Highlight along the ridge of the nose, making sure it's straight because if it is too wide, or crooked, your nose will look wide and crooked, because the light will emphasise it," Sarah-Marie tells me.

"Add a tiny bit on the forehead - but not too much as your forehead will look too large - and then a little on the chin," she explains.

5. Finishing powder.

Touch up throughout the day with a light finishing powder - this can be the same one you baked under your eyes with - to keep your makeup in tip top shape.

And there you have it: the five steps to achieving a budge-proof glow this summer.

Do you have any tricks for making your glow in tip top shape stay all day?

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