How to make an on-the-go breakfast bowl.

By Sara Nachlis.

I know I should eat breakfast. I know it’s the foundation of a good day. I know smart people eat breakfast. I know all that but I still don’t do it. I’m much more of a, “Wait, what time is it?!?!?!” rush-around-like-a-chicken-with-its-head-cut-off, fly-out-the-door-with-wet-hair type of person.

Which is why Emily LaFave’s breakfast hack videos are so infuriating. I’ve spent years, no, decades, of my life thinking I didn’t have time for breakfast… and then she comes in and shows me that I’m wrong.

(Watch: Mamamia’s Failsafe Pancake Recipe. Post continues after video).

In this video, Emily demonstrates how to make an easy, fast breakfast bowl. First she heats up a non-stick pan and then pulls out her ingredients. One egg, some greens (she uses spinach and chard), and a can of beans. She pours some olive oil and cracks the egg directly into the pan.

While that is frying she grabs a sealable glass bowl. She pours the beans in the bowl, sprinkles some salt and ground cumin on top and microwaves that for one minute.

When that’s done she takes the bowl out of the microwave, throws the greens on top of the beans and puts the lid on top. Closing the lid lets the steam from the beans cause the greens to wilt just a little bit. When the egg is done frying to her liking, she takes the lid off the bowl and slides the egg on top and voila, a quick, protein-heavy breakfast. Watch the full video here.

Here are some healthy (and some… not so healthy) breakkie ideas for you. (Post continues after gallery).

Bonus info: All breakfasts are not created equal. According to The Huffington Post, there are some foods you should try to avoid for breakfast.

Cereal, for instance, can be a good am meal but, “Most cereals are high in sugar, trans-fat and have enough food colouring to sponsor your child’s ’70s themed T-shirt tie-dying birthday party.” So, avoid the Fruity Pebbles.

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What is your favourite breakfast?