Finally. A realistic way to lose your baby weight.

It seems that nearly every day there’s a new story about a celebrity losing all of her baby weight. And while these articles sometimes include advice on how she did it—no carbs, spin class, body transplant—I wanted to weigh in with some equally inspiring methods on how you can lose your baby weight, too. Because, face it, your little bundle of joy can also be a big bundle of ugh.

The weight loss plan that's less about losing body fat and more about putting your child in a chair and doing your own thing.

1. Transfer your baby to a swing.

Give your arms and your back a break! You already carried your baby around nine whole months. Transfer some of that smelly, burpy, noisy weight to a swing and have a stretch.

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2. Rest your baby in a crib.

Treat yourself (and your baby) to a nap, by resting him or her down in a crib. Add a blanket, a mobile and that CD of Kanye West lullaby renditions and you’re set.

3. Sit your baby in a chair.

You can sit down at the table next to your baby and attempt a civilised conversation.

Get that baby out of your arms and onto the floor.

4. Place your baby on the floor.

Whether your baby is in the rolling, crawling or teetering phase, the floor is a baby’s kingdom.

5. Put your baby in your mother or father’s arms.

They raised you just fine. Why not treat them to a trip down memory lane?

6. Hand your baby to your partner if you have one.

The world is now your oyster. Bon voyage!

How do you lose that pesky baby weight? 

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