8 ways to make sure clothes never lose that 'brand new' look.

There’s nothing worse than buying a fab new dress or a cute outfit for your kid and then watching it turn into a dull, damaged, faded and wrinkled garment after only a few washes. These 8 tips will change all that.

1. Actually read the tag. (No really, read it).

Certain materials respond differently to different wash cycles. Manufacturers of clothes want them to look good so they include actual washing instructions on the tags of clothes. If they say handwash, they mean handwash. If they recommend cold water, they mean cold water. Read the tags and group those clothes together than respond well to similar wash cycles. You have to do more than one load anyway so sort them out in a way that makes more sense, not just into whites and colours.

2. Wash inside out. (Cos’ sometimes lazy is better).

When you turn your clothing inside before washing, it not only protects them during the wash cycle but also while hanging in the sun to dry. Laundering your clothes inside out prevents the colour fading and is particularly important for dark colours, denim and pants.

3. Place delicates in pillow cases. (Genius).

Make sure you place your delicate items in mesh bags or even a pillowcase before washing. That includes stockings, socks and all undergarments. The bag stops the delicate materials and designs from being ruined and prevents stockings from stretching or tied up in knots.

4. Pockets, button and zip. (Take the time, it will help).

Check all the pockets and empty them. Just one tissue or petrol receipt can ruin an entire wash. Also, button and zip all clothing. This stops the zippers from damaging other items of clothing and also stops prevents buttons from becoming loose and eventually falling off.

5. Beware of detergent. (The devil is in the detergent).

When it comes to detergent, less is more. Confession time, do you measure your laundry powder or liquid before adding it to the wash? Then it's time to start. The biggest mistake most people make when washing clothes is how much detergent you use. Also, try and stick to gentle detergents.

6. Don't put too many clothes in at once. (Doh!)

How many time have your crammed as many items of clothing as possible into your washing machine. Stop it! You aren't doing your clothes any favours. You are causing your clothes to be misshapen and damaged during wash cycles and worse still, you are damaging your washing machine. Only fill up a washing machine around three quarters of the way. Your clothes will look better and be less wrinkled.

7. Delicate cycles for everything. (EVERYTHING).

No matter how dirty your clothing is, no item of clothing needs to be in a crazy-hot hour-long cycle. Use delicate cycles for everything. If clothes are particularly dirty you can treat them with stain remover beforehand but still don't put them in long and harsh washes. Use delicate cycles and your clothes will look brand new for much longer.

8. Don't hang clothes out on super-hot day. (BAD!)

The Australian sun is harsh. It fades colours like nothing else, and not in a good way. Whenever possible avoid hanging out your laundry on super-hot days to preserve the quality of your clothes. Delicate fabrics should never go on the clothes line, instead they should be placed under shade or even just laid flat somewhere inside the house.

Do you have any laundry tips you'd like to add to this list?