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How to stay cool during a heatwave.


The first heatwave of 2017 has been sizzling across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia this month but this week it’s NSW that’s copping it the hardest.

Just when we thought the hottest days were behind us, a blanket of warm air from central Australia blasted it’s way into New South Wales with the added bonus of sticky humidity and poor air quality.

With the exception of Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart, Australian capital cities are all in the 30-plus range today and Sydney is set to reach 38 degrees today and 40 out west.

Despite a bit of rain and a drop in temperature tonight and tomorrow the heat will return on Friday.

Bourke in the state’s north-west could reach up to 47 degrees on Friday. That’s a lot of Lemon Calippos they’ll need – one to eat and a few to shove down their tops, and maybe some to sit on…

Instead of suffering through the sweat and the chaffing there’s so much you can do to instantly cool down. Start with a long blast of deodorant – because pungent aromas only work for food – and then check out this video from the Mamamia team full of tips and tricks for suviving these ridiculous temperatures.

You’re welcome! Don’t feel like you need to hug us, though. Arm’s distance is just fine.

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