A professional organiser just shared her ultimate home tidying tips.

If you’re a fan of clutter this is not the woman, lifestyle or method for you. For everyone else, WELCOME.

Professional organiser Alejandra Costello has invited audiences into her home to reveal the method behind the well-kept madness.

Costello, 31, from Washington, D.C filmed herself touring her newly bought and organised home.

The 31-year-old rose to fame after HGTV dubbed her one of the most organised people in America.

how to become more organised
Source: Screenshot/Youtube: AlejandraTV.

Top Tips

The mother begins her advice with a useful tip into the psychology behind good organisation.

1. Costello said using colourful containers and drawers makes organisation a bit more "fun".

"When organising is more fun it can inspire you to maintain and keep up with the organisation," she said.

2. Mounting sheet metal inside a kitchen cabinet can recreate the convenient magnetic backing of a fridge while eliminating the clutter.

The pretend fridge can then be filled with lists of important contact numbers and other useful communal items.

Source: Screenshot/YouTube: Alejandra TV.

3. Store small items in tackle boxes to ensure ease of access and prevent accidental loss.

Cabinets are stacked with tackle boxes to ensure everything is organised into separated categories.

4. Separate clothes into compartments divided by their type.

Costello separates all her clothes into individually layered racks with very obvious labeling.

Clean freaks - look away now. Don't say I didn't warn you. Post continues...

5. Place round objects onto round organisers in order to maximise space.

This is seen with the spice rack and medicine cabinet where bottles are placed on Lazy Susans.

6. Keep old ice-cream tubs to double as storage devices.

Costello uses transparent plastic tubs to store her pens and other small objects. Saving space. Saving cash.

The tour uploaded to YouTube has already been viewed almost half a million times despite only being posted last week.

Feature image via Alejandra TV.

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