How this couple got married for less than $100.

Before hearing about Emily and Zach’s nuptials, I thought ‘budget wedding’ meant opting for finger food instead of a three-course sit-down dinner.

Well, I couldn’t be more wrong. It turns out getting married (with a big guest list) can be done for less than a plastic green hundy note!

I didn’t believe it either, but Emily, 32, says she made her big day possible by crowdsourcing everything from the catering to her hair and more.

Emily and Zach are proof you can crowd-source your wedding. (Image: Channel 7/Australia's Cheapest Weddings)

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the bride explained being from the tight-knit community of Norfolk Island - a tiny island nestled between Australia and New Zealand - meant her neighbours were more than happy to pitch in time and resources.

"Zach and I are from a tiny island where we know everyone, so we had to have a big wedding," she said.

"We started going to friends and family to ask whether people could gift their services or food.

The town hall cost just $90 to hire. (Image: Channel 7/Australia's Cheapest Weddings)

"We didn't intend to do the whole thing for free, but the project really snowballed and the whole community got involved."

Locals didn't only help set up the venue - a local restored barn that cost $90 to hire - they also contributed hairdressing and makeup services, a wedding cake, fruit and vegetables.


The newlyweds — who appeared on Channel Seven's Australia's Cheapest Weddings last night — also relished the chance to be hands-on.

Zach caught a Tahitian fish for the main course. (Image: Channel 7/Australia's Cheapest Weddings)

Zach went fishing for the main wedding meal and Emily travelled around the island to pick flowers for the bouquets.

Luckily, Emily and Zach own the island's photography business, so didn't pay a cent for images either.

If you're looking to get married on $90 too, Emily has some wisdom to share.

 Emily travelled around the island to pick flowers for the bouquets. (Image: Channel 7/Australia's Cheapest Weddings)

"Keep it intimate, with just your closest friends and family in attendance," she advises.

"Ours was huge which was why it was so tricky. Don't get caught up in the big show of it all and forget what a wedding is about. It's about you and your husband, not everyone else."

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