The ridiculously simple Japanese gift-wrapping technique that takes 15 seconds. 

If you thought gift-wrapping involved using your elbow to hold down a corner, while trying to tear sticky tape with your teeth as sweat droplets fall onto the actual present, and then the sticky tape gets stuck in your hair and you drop the scissors on your right foot while yelling “I THOUGHT CHRISTMAS WAS MEANT TO BE FUN,” then goodness do I have some good news for you.

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

It turns out, Japanese department stores have a gift-wrapping secret, and BeatTheBush illustrates the technique in a YouTube video titled ‘Japan Gift Wrapping Hack Explained’. The clip has been watched more than 10 million times.

You can watch the video below. 

All it takes is three simple folds, and three tiny pieces of sticky tape. It also uses less paper than the way we are used to wrapping presents.


This changes everything.

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