"10 things I say that my children hear completely differently."

I couldn’t be any clearer though.

We only speak one language in our household yet to an outside observer, we appear to be bilingual. See, my children seem to hear a completely different language to the one I speak to them in.

For some inexplicable reason, their interpretations of simple, often repetitive instructions are completely different to my own. There seems to be a massive divide between what I say and what my children actually hear. Such as…

1. What I say: Get dressed for school.

What they hear: Stand around naked with one sock on watching the TV.

2. What I say: Get in the bath.

What they hear: Stand around naked with one sock on watching the TV.

Or y'know maybe draw on their face with crayon. Image vis @kidsaretheworst Instagram.

3. What I say: If you eat your dinner then you’ll get a treat.

What they hear: Treat. Give it.

4. What I say: Brush your hair.

What they hear: Run your fingers through you hair and flick it a bit.

At least they haven't cut it themselves yet... Image via @kidsaretheworst Instagram.

5. What I say: School holidays start in 3 weeks.

What they hear: We go on holidays tomorrow!

6.What I say: Brush your teeth.

What they hear: Put a minute amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush, loosely run it around your teeth and gums for 30 seconds and then spit.

Or stick their toothbrushes on the toilet bowl. Image via @kidsaretheworst Instagram.

7. What I say: No.

What they hear: Maybe.

8. What I say: We’ll see.

What they hear: Eventually, yes.

9. What I say: 30 more minutes and it’s bedtime.

What they hear: In 30 more minutes we start to drag out our bedtime with bathroom stops and a myriad of mind games.

All of the mind games. Image via @kidsaretheworst Instagram.

10. What I say: I love you.

What they hear (I hope!): I love you.

How about you? What do your kids totally misinterpret?

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