Some of us were born with Blake Lively-esque hair. For the rest of us? There’s this product.

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We’ve found thin hair’s Holy Grail.

In my dream world, I wake up with tousled, thick, glossy hair framing my face stylishly but casually as I emerge from my slumber in my 100,000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets next to my husband, David Beckham.


In real life, I wake up to flat, lifeless hair, hoping that by pulling it up into a topknot I will fool everyone. I dream that the rare days when I am genuinely having a Good Hair Day will magically increase in number, without me having to really do anything about it.

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You see, I am decidedly lo-fi when it comes to my hair. I seldom blow-dry. (Ok, I never blow-dry my hair. There, I said it). The most sophisticated thing I do to my hair is to weave it into loose plaits before I go to sleep some nights, with the aim of waking up with slightly wavy, more styled hair.

In extreme cases, I may even use a hair serum on the ends, scrunch it up in front of the mirror and voila, job done – I’m out the door feeling rather pleased with myself.

However. There’s one problem that all this extreme maintenance has failed to address over the years, and something that’s always frustrated me. It’s volume, or lack of it.

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Because I like my hair quite natural, and I do have a subtle wave in it, my hair looks best when it’s got that textured, ‘piecey’ look. But I only seem to achieve that about once in a blue moon. My hair is relatively normal – not majorly thick or super thin – but I usually find that one day after a wash, it becomes limp and dull, and no amount of scrunching, fluffing or plaiting seems to be of any assistance at all. My default hair setting seems to be bleurgh.

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Until now. I have discovered the ultimate weapon against my limp hair issue that works perfectly into my extensive, ahem, hair care routine. The product is the L’Oreal Paris Elvive Fibralogy thickening haircare range, which includes a shampoo, conditioner and a serum treatment. You can buy it at all major retailers.


I first noticed this range last year, when the serum was voted Product of the Year 2015 by the Australian public.

" The serum was voted Product of the Year 2015 by the Australian public."

Here’s what happened when I tried this product for the first time.

Day 1.

In the shower, I was struck by the unmistakable scent of salon-level hair care. You know the kind of product smell that you know means you’re in the hands of hair care professionals? That smell. I was immediately comforted.

Just as they do in the salon, I shampooed twice. I added the conditioner mainly to the ends, avoiding the scalp. I then applied the serum to my damp towel-dried hair, using it as a finishing and smoothing serum.

Hours later, as I let my hair dry au naturel as usual, I have to say, there was a noticeable difference. My hair just sat better, and it looked like I’d actually spent some time on it. Yes!

Day 7.

So, I committed. After a full week of using the L’Oreal Paris Elvive Fibralogy shampoo and conditioner and serum (more of that gorgeous salon smell), the results were uplifting. The L’Oreal Fibralogy range contains Filloxane, a thickening agent that works inside each hair fibre, so hair is visibly thicker with every wash.

My real life husband, usually blind to new haircuts or colours, said my hair looked “bouncy” one morning. I flew on a cloud to work that day.

Then at work, I attracted multiple queries from female colleagues who asked me what I’d done differently to my hair. I explained I had simply stepped up my product choice, without actually doing anything at all. They marveled, I smiled warmly, so as not to come off smug.

But I actually am kind of smug, because by just swapping my hair care range for something designed for my particular issue, I have managed to multiply my Good Hair Days. Now, just to buy new sheets, and steal David Beckham away from Posh…

Do you have dry and dull hair? How do you give your hair a boost?

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