How you can become a reality TV star, from the woman that casts our favourite shows.

Have you ever wondered who picks the wannabe stars who appear on our fave reality TV shows? Or asking yourself while watching, “Where on earth did these people come from, and who the hell found them?”

Wonder no more! We’ve tracked down Kirsty De Vallance, the woman responsible for taking ordinary people off the street and turning them into household names.

Kirsty runs a TV casting agency called A Cast of Thousands, and has found stars for shows like The Biggest Loser, Big Brother and MasterChef. She’s given us a few tips on how you can become Australia’s next big famous name, so buckle up and get learning.

(Also, you better prepare for your close-up…)

So where does Kirsty find the people to star in our favourite on-screen competitions? Social media.

“Social media has really changed the way shows are cast, because we can get the message out so much more successfully in the past,” she said.

But, Kirsty has also been known to ‘get her stalk on’, tracking down the perfect stars in the most unlikely of public places.

“I’ve found someone during a weekend visit at Bellingen markets…I stalked a girl at a supermarket when I was casting for World’s Strictest Parents and were looking for naughty teenagers,” she said.

“There’s people that I’m willing to approach for whatever reason all the time!”

So what exactly is she looking for? (i.e. how do we get cast as the token ‘villain’ on The Bachelorette)

“The best cast is the best cast, no matter how they look. Obviously for some shows you’re looking for certain body types or certain physiques or that kind of thing, but I really try and push diversity where I can,” she said.

“Sometimes people may be gorgeous, but they’re just not that interesting! Sometimes [someone won’t get cast] for something as simple as we can’t have two 24-year-old boys with brown hair.”


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Kirsty revealed that she often tries to cast people who are over 21, because “they have a bit more life experience and have opinions.”

OK, so hang out in supermarkets, look interesting and have something to say. Check.

What about what not to do when attempting to get your big reality TV break?

“The worst thing anyone can ever say to me in an audition is ‘I’ll be great for ratings’. That’s probably the most annoying thing I hear from people,” she said.

“Yes, the cast is important, but it’s the whole production that makes a show great. Not just because all your friends are going to watch.”

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